AvP PC Patch #2 & Dedicated Servers Released

Started by ikarop, Mar 01, 2010, 10:17:53 PM

AvP PC Patch #2 & Dedicated Servers Released (Read 17,775 times)


Update (03/02/2010): The first dedicated server update has been released today, you can check the changelog here.

As promised by SEGA, the PC Patch #2 has been released today. There have been some additional changes to the PC changelog, which you can find listed here. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is  restarted.

In addition to the PC Patch, Rebellion have now released their dedicated server beta software for their multiplayer shooter, allowing PC gamers to choose how they want to play and giving them control over some of the game’s settings. Check out the details below:

“Due to the demand from the community and better than anticipated progress on the server software, we have decided to release the dedicated server as an Open Beta rather than a Closed Beta, and make it available to all. To access the Dedicated Servers from the PC client, go to Player Match > Browse > change the "server type" filter to "Dedicated (Internet)" and then click browse. Please note that the initial availability of servers may be limited. (…)

(…) The dedicated server will be available via the "tools" tab of the Steam client. If you already have a copy of the full game installed, it will simply add the dedicated server executable to the install folder. If you do not have the full game installed, it will need to download approximately 15GB of data.

One install is required per machine, and multiple instances of the server executable can be run simultaneously – the server currently requires the Steam client to be running, only one steam client/log on is required per machine regardless of the amount of instances you run, and the Steam account used to log on does not need to own a copy of the full game. Please refer to the dedicated server readme for more information and help, in particular the known issues section. A server command guide is also available in the installation folder.”

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Im still getting very bad performance on my PC. The patch didn't do much to help the memory leaks and performance issues. Im running a tri-core and ATI 4850 updated.



work as intended on steam for me



Eventhough I did enjoy the game alot and could enjoy the game alot, dispite the ammount of 'wishes and improvents' this game could need, the big point still is that you CANNOT browse ranked games. Seriously, I do not wish to play in matches with 999 ping, everyone lagging terribly and waiting hours to get into a game.

Heck, forget about the lack of crouch button... this is seriously of vital importance that this gets adressed. I actually hoped for an original online FPS game but sadly this is just laggy dirty business as Modern Warfare 2. And not that survival is bad, it's great actually... but where is the reward factor for surviving? There is no damn reward for surviving and/or holding out against the alien swarm. No turrets for X ammount of time as backup, no extra Smartgun ammo or whatsoever.

The rumoured sequel needs to improve on alot of points though... and get rid of the storyline that focusses too much on the AvP movies. We need more colony levels (RAINING) and more hive levels. Also, I loved the Hived/Predator hunt place stripclub level. That was probably the best combination of the Predator and Alien(s) franchise.

Ah well, ranting too much... The game is great but it disappoints on ALOT of levels... too much actually.



At least the Checkpoint Saves now work.  That's a good thing.

Mind you, if I posted the rest of my comments here regarding 'AvP(3)', I would get banned from this site.  






Totally off topic, but... Windebieste, thanks for all your great maps on AVP2!


Well, now when I join a match on a dedicated server I can run around for about 15 seconds before I get disconnected from the server.

Then steam disconnects and restarts itself. Have tried this 3 times now.



hm i still dont see dedicated server for avp3 in steam / tools... ..



hey does this apply for ranked matches aswell???


join server get disconnected,  play sp stutter   :(      :(  


Allot of my friends were getting the random "connection to game lost: bullshit.  That better be f**ken fixed.

chupacabras acheronsis

slowly, i think this game will get better and better.  

rebellion showed us they still care for what their customers think, and thats something we can be grateful of.

now, there are a buncha problems to fix, but if rebellion keeps up with what the fanbase wants, the game will stand out even more.   :)    

(winde, can you post your comments anywhere? im intrigued   ;D   )



Disappointed that you still can't play a strictly Marines vs Predator (with no aliens) TDM like in AvP2. Hopefully more improvements will change this. Mucho thanks to Rommie and Windbieste for mods and maps that made AvP2 MP such a great experience. Rebellion needs you two guys as advisers on how to fix AvP3.


I've downloaded the patch, but still I can't browse ranked games   :-\    And they haven't added crouch either   :'(    Checked multiplayer 5 min ago: 2 servers up on player match - couldn't get any ranked game   >:(     Can we offically say that this game is dead?   :'(     I hope not.

AVP kicks ass

AVP kicks ass

-Sharky-  dead in America maybe but in the UK its live and well

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