Rebellion Sorry for PS3 Demo Problems

Started by Darkness, Feb 08, 2010, 10:54:01 PM

Rebellion Sorry for PS3 Demo Problems (Read 19,521 times)


meabe is a fake review   ???    
i really expect a good review for this game


xbox360 rules PS3. sorry PS3 owners but its a simple fact, your machine is not made for online gaming, just keep playing on your own and watching your blue ray DVDs, or get a 360.   :-*  


What a bad review,my god!!.



@Farow: All I meant was that Bioshock and Dante's Inferno are likly to be AVP's main competition, I have nothing against Bioshock.

Also going back to how bad that Gameinformer review is, the guy said he was easily disoriented by playing as the Alien; well that shows how dedicated he is to trying to enjoy the game. If anything it shows what a terrible gamer he is in general. It took me 5 mins to get used to playing as the Alien.


I'm still not sure how its all going to pan out.  But I"m hoping its good.

One thing though, looking through all the articles and links above, I'm a little unclear on how the game is actually going to "look".  After playing the demo, NONE of it looks as good as it does in those game shots found in the articles.  I'm not saying the game looks bad, but it certainly did not reflect the images on display in the above articles.  So, I'm curious just how polished the finish product is going to be, and just how close its going to look to the images we've seen sprung up just about everywhere.



I do have to admit 360 get more exclusives which can be an annoyance. But still love my ps3, least we don't have to pay for a gold account to play this! :P


I don't understand how rebellion did not see this coming with the PS3? shouldn't of a couple of testers installed it on their systems and tried to connect, before they released the demo?

The Necronoir

That's weird. I managed to enter a game on the PS3 yesterday, and I don't have anyone on my friends list.

alpha defekt

Sounds like the reviewer did what most scrubs have done. Played it. Got killed a lot. Then decided it sucked because of his poor proformance. I mean if he is bad at the game must mean that the game sucks right? What a moron. L2P. I mean Jesus.... Looks like he wrote a good review of about a couple minutes of each campaign and a breif multiplayer match before getting his ass killed and turning to right his hate review. It has "I suck at videogame written all over it.


I know that on this thursday that OXM gona give full review on avp and i think it will get good if not i hope a really great review cause 2 befare it deserves one don't ya all think never bloody mind that jerk off over at game-informer what a total moron lOl i mean come On wtf lOl Gamespot my favourite reviewer and AvP will be between 8.5 or rather 9.2 fingers crossed but i am a big fan 2 lOl



this game informer is retarted the marine radar is supposed to be loud so you can actually pay attention to it not like other games that have the smallest and inacurate radar. And i dont get how the alien gets you disorientated its good for me


If anyone has been reading Gameinformer lately they would know that alot of games are not even given a chance for a decent review. I mean every issue it seems has a list of the reviewers favorite games and at least 2 of them's number 1 game has been World of Warcraft since the game came out.

Other then that they can't stop masturbating thinking about bioshock 2 which I'm sure will be great but just because other games are good or maybe even better doesn't mean a game sux..

Sounds like this guy got totally raped online....poor melee combat? This dude needs to go some place seriously....learn to play a f**king game before you bashed you f**king prick.

Bio Mech Hunter

Pffft... yeah I got my new issue of GI today and the review's a joke. Critics... seriously, after playing the crap outta the demo (and still goin' at it) it's f***'n AMAZING.

Regarding their comments on the controls (specifically the Alien) or the CQC system, they must be pretty damn horrible at video games 'cause it's worked like a charm for me and I'm nothing to brag about. And the gfx, did he even play the same game? 'Cause they're gorgeous.

Anyway... I can't WAIT for next week!   ;D  



Game Informer is running defense for 2K on behalf of Bioshock 2, which I will have to get...after AvP.

Veteran Warrior

I can't wait for this game to come out   :)  

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