Prey to Premiere With Comanche Language Dub!

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 07, 2022, 03:13:33 PM

Prey to Premiere With Comanche Language Dub! (Read 2,378 times)


Topic cleaned. Come on guys, there's more important things to argue about.

Tomislav Mikša

Tomislav Mikša

Also prefer original languages in movies, it sounds more genuine, and it is not a problem to read subtitles


I LOVE the idea and I'm so glad, I watch subbed anime all the time so this is great


I mean, as a Ukranian I'm myself pretty used to watching movies and cartoons in dubs. Idk, it just seems to me if their goal was to make movie as authentic and immersive as possible or/and to show how inclusive they're they probably should've shot the movie wuth actors speaking in Comanche to begin with and then dubbed it in English. Of course, now it doesn't matter really and I'm certainly not trying to take away from anybody being excited for it

Nightmare Asylum

Definitely seems to me like that is indeed what Trachtenberg wanted but the studio wasn't willing to bend that far (because the general audience is just going to click out of it the minute they realize they're being asked to watch something with subtitles :-\), so this is the sort of compromise that they arrived at.


It's been a while since I looked into this, but I seem to recall that the "Comanche" cast is not solely compromised of Comanche actors.  So perhaps another issue was the cast familiarizing/learning another language within the filming timeframe and it continuing to look realistic and fluid. 


Huh. Good point

Inverse Effect

Have the option at least which is good. Subtitled movies don't really do well with general audiences it's more of a niche sub genre of movie watchers that prefer movies subbed.

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