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Author Topic: Creative Assembly is making an Alien game based on the 1st movie  (Read 11013 times)

Mar 05, 2013, 12:51:53 PM
Reply #45 on: Mar 05, 2013, 12:51:53 PM
^ I hope those toys didn't come from GearBox...'Cause of they did, we're in for some more let down.

Mar 05, 2013, 10:33:33 PM
Reply #46 on: Mar 05, 2013, 10:33:33 PM
Not a chance in hell. I'm sure the PS4 and XBOX 3 will look better than most mid ranged home PC's, but any dedicated rig will kick the living shit out of them. That's not PC master race elitism, it's simple economics. If the consoles really want to be on par with an £700-1000 gaming rig, then they'll be made of the same components and cost £700-£1000, which I very much doubt the console market would support those sort of prices.

Just look at the new GTX Titan, an £800 graphics card designed to work in Cray super computers, consoles simply cannot ever match up to that sort of tech power. Sure, that's an OTT example, but trying to compare consoles and gaming PC's is like comparing apples and oranges, they'll never be the same, let alone consoles being better/more powerful.

^Fact. However, I am also not a fanboy for any console or PC. in terms of processing  power etc., it's just not logically possible for the new gaming consoles to be anywhere near as visually powerful as the most dedicated gaming PC.

My 2c on this is don't forget about the other features. One of the big reasons I bought a PS3 was for the blu ray and HD games. Sony may well announce some feature like 4k support, although admittedly the right now if there is no change the ps4 is quite lacking, but I also think Sony are quite good at listening to feedback - remember the whole dual shock thing with the ps3 - they reacted to that fairly fast.


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