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Computers and Terminals:
In the course of the story, we will come across computers located throughout the colony, through which we can read messages, listen to audio diaries, turn on / off the light or steam, open / close ventilation flaps and doors.

For example, with the help of a computer, it will be possible to lock the Alien in some room so that we have time to escape and save.

Indoors, the Alien will not behave aggressively until it detects us.

He will consistently study the situation in which he got into, and only after a certain time, realizing that he can't get out, he will begin to break down the closed doors.

Sometimes we will find personal communication cards of employees.

In addition to information about the colonist, the card can also be used for local audio or video calls through the necessary Vidcom terminal.

With the help of the call, we will have a chance to stumble upon the survivors on the other side of the call, and after that try to get to them.

Or by calling and not receiving an answer, in the future we may stumble upon a terminal with a blinking, missed call, and there will be traces of blood around, it turns out that with this fatal call we gave out someone's location and Aliens have already been there.

On the other hand, a terminal located not far from us may also receive a call, and we will already be substituted.

When it comes to hide and seek with xenomorphs, and we run out of everything that can distract them, if we have the necessary card, we will have a chance to make a distracting call from one terminal to another, located nearby and try to escape.

But there won't be many terminals in the colony.



Will be interesting to see how video calling other people's work stations can get them killed and how that will affect the games plot...or if it doesn't and it's just part of the open world nature.


About tactics:

In the incident with the colony, as in real life, the rules of society will come into force when there are heroes and scoundrels, cowards and fools, when dilemmas arise, to sacrifice someone in order to save oneself or without compromising one's conscience, try rescue people in need.

If we can save someone, then we will be responsible for these people, and when we decide to leave our shelter in search of food, we will have to look for food for those with whom, by the will of fate, we are destined to hide together.

At the end of each day, we will need to look for a safe place where we and other survivors (if we find any) will have to wait out the night when the Aliens will be most active ("they mostly come at night... mostly." Newt).

We will need to arrange places to sleep, before that, without forgetting to first close all potential passages to our shelter, and if we miss something and don't close any ventilation or door, we will see a cut-scene in which we went to bed, and the camera will slowly move to the place that we forgot to close, and Aliens will climb from there.

In one barricaded safe zone, we will be able to wait no more than two nights, then Aliens will appear more often near our shelter, and in the end they will find a way to break through there and we will have to look for another place to hide, and barricade ourselves there.

It will be possible to barricade not only with a group of survivors, but alone.

In such a situation, it will be necessary to fill up the door and other openings with all the available means at hand, leaving ourselves one manhole through which you can escape while the Aliens try to test our barricade for strength. Of course, such a shelter will not last long.

Or another situation - we need to protect a certain territory, we also need to barricade all possible ways from which Aliens can climb, place colonists subordinate to us, and if we have weapons, distribute it to them.

For example, we need to prepare for defense. Three colonists have weapons.

We know that we have nowhere to hide, we must defend this last frontier.

It will be necessary to close all the doors, not only welding them, but also filling them with improvised things, such as barrels, beams, cylinders, in general, everything that is possible and preparing for battle (Remember how it was in the film during the defense of the command center).

If we understand that the barricades don't withstand, it will be possible to shoot one of the colonists in the leg and retreat, the Aliens will grab him, and we will have a chance to survive.

Whether our conscience will allow us to do this or whether we will try to save everyone will depend only on us.

There will be a chance to both save the colonist, and the opportunity to sacrifice them, but save yourself or someone else who, in our opinion, should survive.

Much will depend on our choice, not only our fate, but also the fate of others.

You save someone, you lose someone.

But not always only Aliens will pose a threat.

Of course, people will not kill each other for food. The colony is small and almost everyone knows each other and tries to stick together, but at the same time, everyone has a different nervous system and degree of balance.

Some people may not be able to handle what is happening.

For example, we placed people, gave them weapons, but before that we had not found food for several days and our people are in fear and hunger, and if we placed someone incorrectly, this could affect the outcome of a future battle.

Will we be able to repel the onslaught of Aliens or will they all be dragged into the hive, and only we will be saved, or will they betray us by shooting us in the leg in order to escape ourselves while we are being dragged away.

Depending on how correctly we do everything, not only our life, but also the lives of people subordinate to us will depend.

In different circumstances, we have to act differently.

Somewhere it will be enough to hide from the creatures or somehow distract them, somewhere you will have to barricade or sacrifice someone in order to save yourself or another person important to us.



Yep, this is Black Mesa levels of effort. Still impressed and probably will continue to be.

Also, we never get a good look at Burke's apartment or video-calling terminal, do we? We only see Ripley's crappy apartment location and terminal. Would his terminal be the same industrial hulk that Ripley's is, or would it be more 2001-esque? Probably something white, high-budget Cobbish, and maybe with rounded edges on an otherwise refined shape to give it a boxy look, no?



Newt and Aliens (Newt is hiding from aliens). Speedpaint by Dmitry Osin

New speedpaint for the AHFTF. This time, Newt is fleeing from Aliens in the midst of the capture of the colony.

Corporal Hicks

That is gorgeous!! I hope the game is still coming along well. :)

Still Collating...

I'm loving what I'm seeing! I know how hard this must be and it should not be rushed. All of the mechanics sound fantastic!

I hope that you can use a Alien Warrior model like from Fireteam Elite, cause they look great. And I know how hard it is to get smooth animations, but if you get the look, smooth movement and behavior of the Alien down, you'll have something really special.


Great job dude, I really appreciate the work and effort you're putting into this game. It's been a while since we have a game that is similar to Alien Isolation in this franchise



A couple of screenshots with a colonists

Corporal Hicks

Glad to see this is still being worked on!


He still ALIVE!!

Still Collating...

I'm glad to see new progress being made! I know it takes time, but I really wish all the best of luck in making this project a reality!


For those interested, I created a SteamGridDB page for Alien: Hope for the Future with some key art to make the demos (and eventually, the full release) look nice in your steam library!
SteamGridDB - Alien: Hope for the Future

Art by Dmitry Osin


Great, it still alive I think. Also, if the art is cool. Is everything going all right?

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