Ripley's escape ship still out there floating in space. So...

Started by motherfather, Jun 06, 2024, 03:14:09 PM

Ripley's escape ship still out there floating in space. So... (Read 616 times)



With Alien Romulus being set between the timeline of Alien and Aliens, this would mean Ripley's escape ship from Alien is still drifting through space, sending out periodic distress signals while she hypersleeps.

I wonder whether this is referred to or implied maybe as an easter egg during Alien Romulus.

Maybe the Alien Romulus ship or Weyland Yutani didn't have the space travel tech to physically intercept Ripley's ship. But they may have had deep space listening tech to pick up transmissions and maybe "nudge" her ship's guidance systems towards the salvage permieter of space near the space station in Aliens.

It'd be kinda cool if Alien Romulus started off with a Contact (movie opening scene) style pan-out across the cosmos with the transmission bouncing and being relayed across a chain of deep space comms network satellites til it eventually bounces off a satellite close to whoever is sending the Alien Romulus ship.


OR Ripley looks out the window and says "They are so F***ked" and then just sets an alarm clock.

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