Alien / Predator Ultimate Collectors Edition

Started by Corporal Hicks, May 21, 2007, 09:08:13 PM

Alien / Predator Ultimate Collectors Edition (Read 17,213 times)

Corporal Hicks

Looks like Fox is releasing yet another Alien/Predator boxset, this time called the Ultimate Collectors Edition:


There is no information on what’s in the set, but from the picture, it looks like a repackaging of the old Alien Legacy and Predator single disk DVDs. Hopefully we’ll be finding out more soon. The set looks to be a UK exclusive and is to be released…in a weeks time, on the 28th. How’s that for timing? You can pre-order the set at, HMV and Amazon. Thanks to John Chambers for the tip.

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War Wager

Looks like another one of Fox's cheap money making schemes...    ::)  


...They gave the Alien a pink mouth?  I dunno whether to think it's blood or lipstick. At this rate it could be anything.

Corporal Hicks

Looks like blood to me.

Master Chief

dang, how much more can they add to the already exclusive directors platinum never before seen footage dvd special edition pedrilogy fan favorite custom box set?    ???  


The alien drunk the bad water from cabin fever!


this is taking the P**S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are these hte smae DVD's that you posted up i think weeks ago?  If not...then...uhhh, what the hell is FOX thinking?!

Corporal Hicks

Nope. These are different - I think.


Looks like res/avp mouth but no dome. It has the holes on the sides of its head. AvP 2 alien?


What were they thinking using that atrocious color scheme!    ::)  

Corporal Hicks

I just think it's that image. On on the HMV website.


Looks very nice.    :P  

Corporal Hicks

*Go on the HMV website.


Guys, it's blood on the ALien's mouth... check this out:     ;)  

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