Build-Your-Own Xenomorph Magazine Collection Now Available!

Started by Corporal Hicks, Feb 08, 2022, 12:29:41 PM

Build-Your-Own Xenomorph Magazine Collection Now Available! (Read 9,428 times)


Quote from: The Eighth Passenger on Feb 09, 2022, 02:58:44 PM
Does it's evil brains glow in the dark?

This made me giggle with joy



100 issues. That's maybe $1500 USD, plus tax. Hold my beer while I win the lottery.

I remember "The Sharper Image." Sadly, no xenos. Just massage chairs and a lot of silly things.

Corporal Hicks

Looks like this was only a UK trial run anyway, despite the website and the ability to subscribe. Not sure if they're going ahead with it.


The extending tongue is upside down.

This junk isn't worth $5.00.

Corporal Hicks

Their website has popped back up:

Not sure if it's actually happening though.

Corporal Hicks

So it's happening. They're doing it in monthly packs, and it's a little on the high side. Same amount of £ you'd have spent on it in the long run, but I can't recall if it was £100 a month on the old plan, as it looks to be on this current plan. Looks like it doesn't come with a magazine, which I'm sure the previous one did.

I am still tempted to be fair...a half-size Alien is an impressive thing to have in the collection.


So with 13 packs that's 1225 quid with the first edition being 25?

For a light up, sound tracking, 1/2 scale Alien, that actually doesn't sound awful.

Corporal Hicks

Oh yeah, I never thought it was a bad price all-in, especially when it's spread out. Just think they've condensed it down to twice as much in a month as it was originally going to be.


No I started balking at the price, then realised what you'd get for it.


And how can you turn it down when it has, not just regular lights in the head, but "INCREDIBLE" lights!


I really wanted to like this, but the head looks so off to me. Like really chibby-y and short in front, and too small in the rear.

Comapres to some other replicas.

(Last is Neca 1/4 Big Chap)


Prime 1 nails it as usual.

Local Trouble

Quote from: BlueMarsalis79 on Apr 02, 2023, 01:15:10 AMPrime 1 nails it as usual.

Incorrect.  Skull is visible. >:(


Not really, they covered it up like it is in the movie.

Local Trouble

I can still see ocular cavities and that offends me. >:(

At least it doesn't have Stompy's ridiculous chonky jaw.

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