[Grain Of Salt] Aliens/3/Resurrection 4K Remasters Inbound

Started by Corporal Hicks, Feb 23, 2021, 08:41:07 PM

[Grain Of Salt] Aliens/3/Resurrection 4K Remasters Inbound (Read 20,666 times)


Got me all excited seeing this thread bumped, for nothing homie.


Alright that is something to chew on.

I was really hoping for that "3" tho

Nightmare Asylum

My hope/guess is that Aliens will likely be coming along with this wave of Cameron films, and then Alien 3/Resurrection will be coming either as standalone releases or as part of a box set down the line (potentially tying in with Romulus' release?).


I feel like that's pretty #optimistic tbh. I'd love nothing more but I'm not holding my breath.

Still going to jump on this thread in vain hope at every bump though.


Just imagine a lovely physical 4k set hitting this time next year with all seven films including Romulus...


f**king Aliens.

Corporal Hicks

Would certainly love for the whole series to get the love, but happy to see another film get the 4k release!


I literally will not be buying it until Alien³ comes actually out. I do not care. This is non news to me.

Cosmic Incubation

Would love to see 4K releases for the whole series, whether separately or in a collection together.

Also lowkey hoping for a 4K of AVP next year for it's 20th.



I'd be curious to see 4k releases of the whole series... but I'm a colour grading freak, and I can guarantee they won't look right, no matter how nice the picture quality (and I remain skeptical at the report above, I've heard these claims so many times about so many movies.. I hope it is true though!)...I mean I have the blu-rays and still prefer to watch the 35mm or laserdiscs... Aliens is always a blue/teal mess on the new releases... the fact Cameron had it regraded just prior to the blu-ray releases for its new master, means even if they don't apply the awful teal, it's still not going to be right...just blue. It's lost all its purples, its natural grain..no thank you. A movie released in 1986 shouldn't look like a standard 2023 direct-to-prime video release. 😅







While I love that it's getting released as a standalone and not grouped with 3 and resurrection, it worries me the others may never get remastered

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