"Predatory Planet" Project - Story by PRED'ALEX

Started by PRED-ALEX, Dec 23, 2019, 12:51:26 PM

"Predatory Planet" Project - Story by PRED'ALEX (Read 955 times)




Our time. One of the megacities of the Earth becomes the epicenter of the civil war, the city is dilapidated, people live underground, fighting with each other on the surface. The vast majority of the surviving population has weapons to protect themselves from each other. The city center is abandoned, de-energized, looters take out all that is possible from the deserted buildings and skyscrapers. The city is isolated by a wall and a large exclusion zone, other countries and cities live their lives without knowing what is happening. This environment attracts a group of alien hunters who feel at home in the hot spot. Fading from old age, the Blind Chief - leader of the predators tribe

is looking for a successor to his place and the hunters arrange a competition for the honorary title. Soldiers and residents periodically find decapitated or skinned bodies hung on the street or in the buildings. Every human faction blames everyone. The main character- a stalker                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ,                                       
making risky forays into the city center to find useful things, trying to get out of the closed military zone. He uses found alien weapons and tries to establish contact with hunters. Predators have no desire to communicate with the prey but the hero manages to save the trapped individual. She turns out to be a very young female predator                                                                                                                                                               ,

She is looking for the Blind Chief and something else. Together they will help each other to survive and get out of the deadly zone for both of them, while solving the true causes of the events taking place in it.   

Slogan: "Our War - Their Hunt"

Sources of inspiration:
Movies  -  Apocalypse Now, Banlieue 13, Raid, and others
Games  -  Tom Clancy's Division, Prototype, Crysis and others
Music  -  Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Juno Reactor, Noisuf-X/X-Fusion, Da Octopusss, Tobias Enhus, Trak Invaders, Chris Wrenna, Steve Jablonsky and others

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