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Started by Corporal Hicks, Sep 11, 2018, 07:41:05 AM

What is your score for The Predator?

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The Predator Fan Reviews (Read 83,284 times)






I re-watched this recently because Disney+ in the UK had it featured on the banner with a tagline like "The Whole series streaming now!" or something similar - and I thought "I'll give it another go"

And, honestsly? It's even worse than I remembered.

There are some good moments in there, granted. But overall it's horrendous.

The dialogue is lads mag/frat house standard in parts; EG - "You wanna know if somebody f**ked a Predator?" but the absolute worst part of it is Treager's "f**ked that n****r up" line. I'm not even a social justice warrior or anything - but that line was just plain f**king stupid on every conceivable level FFS.

I feel personally f**king ashamed for Shane Black for this film, TBH. Given he made Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and The Nice Guys (as well as OG Pred re-write & Lethal Weapon etc) he's got some decent credibility about him, IMO. But this is without a shadow of a doubt his absolute worst piece of work.

So many potentially decent tropes squandared all because he/they wanted to make some dick/pussy/f**k jokes, and have the theme come across as some pathetic 80s shite throwback?

I was gifted the OG script (pre-revision/re-shoots) on this site and as much as I recoiled in horror when reading it ('good' Preds in combat pants and a Pred menagerie, anyone??); it was a f**king damn sight better than the steaming pile of nonsense the final cut turned out to be.

Also the Pred suit at the end of the film is just shocking. From it's conception to the way it bounces about like a little bobblehead on-screen it's just shocking. But by far the most offensive thing about it is it loks like it was drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Disgraceful film.



I love listening to the AvPG podcasts and especially to those retrospectives. And I can see why people love it and consider it their favorite film, and as much as I like Predator 2, I just watched it again over the weekend, it feels super dated, and I'm not a fan at all of most of the performances. I do like Bill Paxton and Danny Glover in that film, but I do wish there was more mystery and detective work and elements utilized within the film, because things just feel out of place, come out of left field and some of the fights and battles just feel disjointed. It's overall, a fun but mediocre experience. If I had to pick a top three, it would be Predator, Prey and then Predator 2.

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