Prometheus 4K blu ray UK release

Started by Wobblyboddle77, Sep 18, 2017, 04:21:51 PM

Prometheus 4K blu ray UK release (Read 5,079 times)


Hi everyone,
                   I was searching online and came across the Prometheus 4K blu ray release on the HMV website, however it doesn't appear to include furious gods featurettes, just the standard release. Below is the web link to the HMV website, its release date is today.




It was released last month in America actually, completely forgot about it. And yeah, the bonus disk from the Collector's Edition isn't included.


Online reviews are scarce but I found one and the screenshots look embarrassingly like 1080p upscaled but I digress the focus  details in this movie are very washed with ambient lighting.



I doubt those are real screenshots. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to take screenshots of 4K discs at all, actually.

Le Celticant

After debraying, the red epic camera (5K that they used in the movie) has a correct ratio sharpness/resolution at 3.5k.
That being said, like almost every title on the big screen, a lot is done in 2K.
The extra resolution is usually here to help the post-production but has no benefit on the receiving end of the audience since they would need to sit much closer to the screen and so not see the entire screen (who does that?)

The picture is 4K, what's terrible in it is the bitrate, a lot informations has been comrpessed (whether it's a 2K upscale or a terrible jpeg comrpession)
It's by far even worse than the 1080p bluray which has much finer details.

If you want a good analyses on 2K, 4K, 6K, 12K IMAX, 35mm & co I suggest you take a look at Steve Yedlin on the resolutions:
(it's quite long about an hour, but very instructive).



I bought the Prometheus 4K disc, and the digital code that comes with it includes The Furious Gods featurette if you use it on iTunes.

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