"Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla" meaning?

Started by Immortan Jonesy, Nov 01, 2016, 05:43:01 PM

"Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla" meaning? (Read 20,904 times)

Immortan Jonesy

Immortan Jonesy

Quote from: Enoch on Nov 09, 2016, 10:20:14 PM
;D ;D

But you must admit, what Ridley said in that interview is pretty strange...
Parked, not crashed, so it was a deliberate act... but why "land" on desolate planet
with a ship full of dangerous organisms... and we all saw that drivers ribs were broken from
inside out, so he was infected/impregnated with Xeno embryo too. Only plausible reason could be that planet was
inhabited millions of years ago, and it was an attack, a bio-weapon kamikaze attack! :)

I always had the impression that LV-426 was a planet inhabited by some kind of civilization. An ancient civilization destroyed by someone.

Quote from: Enoch on Nov 09, 2016, 09:02:32 PM
Interesting find regarding engineers and cave painting... just for thinking :)

QuoteAt the beginning of Prometheus, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway have discovered a pictogram of a very tall man pointing to a series of stars. The two archaeologists are clearly very excited and believe the man depicted is an extra-terrestrial and that the image is intended as an invitation to the humans to come and find them.After watching the whole movie, I doubted that premise. Was the star map really an invitation? If so, what was the point of it if the engineers wanted to destroy Earth? Why did they invite the humans to come visit, if they wanted to destroy us?

Logical question!

QuoteSorry, I don't have the link, but I read an interview with Ridley Scott where he states clearly that no where in the film does it actually say the tall figures in the drawings are engineers. He neither confirms or denies who they might be.

There is also a key moment where David is talking to one of the crew members, that the planet they are landing on "might be" the home of the engineers. David responds by saying something like "assuming your thesis is correct". David makes it very clear that the star they are traveling to is based upon a thesis that isn't proven.

Ridley Scott explains that the solar system they visit has several possible planets and that the crew picked that one moon cause it seemed logical. Ridley also explained that the drawings could have been interpreted as a warning rather then an invitation. I think he wanted the drawing to be thought provoking rather then clearly defined.

Who are the tall figures then??? :)

So, logical assumption would be  that there are multiple players involved
in the whole story...! We can almost be certain about this one.

They could be the ancient Engineers. But I'm curious...what are you suggesting? that they are not Engineers?

Quote from: The Alien Predator on Nov 10, 2016, 12:23:31 AM
It could be that.

Or maybe he parked because he was infected, hence why he chose a barren world instead of LV-223. Maybe he got infected from there and quickly evaluated himself to this one to avoid infecting the other Engineers.

Or what if he was escaping from whatever disaster happened on LV-223? And he got into this derelict which had the eggs in there. And as he flew away, maybe a flaw in the system caused one egg to hatch and a Facehugger got him in his desperate attempt to escape. So he flew to LV-223 but had no time to save himself medically as the Chestburster killed him shortly after he lands.

Occam's razor  ;D

The Alien Predator

Quote from: Crazy Shrimp on Nov 10, 2016, 01:58:26 AM
Occam's razor  ;D

A new phrase was learned today. Thanks.  :laugh:

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