AVP UNRATED version Region 2 dvd available!!

Started by jimmyboy, Jan 21, 2007, 06:44:50 PM

AVP UNRATED version Region 2 dvd available!! (Read 5,894 times)


I've been searching for R2 version of the unrated AVP dvd and I've found it, I searched on www.dvdcompare and they say the Holland dvd is unrated as per the R1 dvd. I've just ordered it for â,¬13.99 but it's not released til 24/1/07. Here's the link....




It's not exactly the same the R1. It only has 1 disc for a start.

It's also available in France too.

But for the price, you may as well just buy the R1 from PlayUSA for £15.


I'm from Portugal (R2) and i bought it last month. And yes, the one that i bought came with 2 discs! The movie (extended & unrated) and the extras disc.


if u buy the avp unrated edition you will get the candian verson which has french writen all over it if you want the usa version with no french your best bet is movietyme.com :)


I was surprised to notice when I opened the case that the DVD hub on the leaf had the same design as the Predators' targeting icon. I think it was just a happy accident, but it's still really neat, I think.


CGI blood made AVP lame >:(


Really?  Thought it was the script personally.


Hey SM if Paul Anderson ever screw's up another Alien/Predator movie I will send harsh letters to him. would you do the same thing ;)


Waste of effort.

Besides he's done very little except produce since 2004.  Though they did let him near a typewrite for the next RE flick...


haha the unrated version remind me of Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction saying "DOES HE LOOK LIKE A B***H!? NO? THEN WHY DID YOU F**K HIM LIKE A B****H" (or something like that)
because that's exactly what FOX did to us with this so-called "director's cut"  :'(


Why won't they release the Unrated Edition for Region 4?

Anyway, I really appreciate the article comparing the two versions. Thanks to whoever wrote put up the screencaps.


seriously what is the point of releasing this!

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