"Lost" Predator nicknames and stuff

Started by Xenomrph, Aug 13, 2011, 04:58:38 AM

"Lost" Predator nicknames and stuff (Read 3,600 times)


I know there's a bunch of nicknames for the Predators from the end of 'Predator 2', but I don't think I ever really got all their nicknames straight. Which ones are which? And where did the nicknames come from? Are they all fan-created? Where did the "Lost" title come from?


In this picture we have from left to right Hippie, Borg & Boar.

Another of Borg, which in my opinion has some of the most badass armour of any Predator from all the movies.

Gort in the foreground, Snake in the background.

Another of Boar, there's also another Predator with a similar helmet called Brother Boar (see below).

Ram on the far left, that's Snake's body next to him, & the body of another which I'm unsure of. There's a final Predator which has the same mask as the original, which doesn't really have a nickname from what I know.

I'm not 100% sure on every one of these, but this is all to the best of my knowledge.


So are these all fan-nicknames? Or are they sourced from making-of stuff or the script or anything?


I honestly have no idea where the nicknames came from, but they seem to have caught on.

The upcoming NECA figures I believe call them by those names, Hot Toys has other titles for them.

Gort= Guardian Predator
Borg w/Boar mask= Lost Predator
Snake= Shadow Predator

Kel G 426

That Borg pred looks like one bad mofo.

Here's a link to a related thread containing a pic of all the lost predators and their names:



Cool, thanks!


I'd love to see some of these characters again in another movie, the Lost Preds are some of the best ever created. There is just so much potential here.

Bad Replicant

Quote from: Stalker on Aug 13, 2011, 05:41:56 AM

I wish they had names like 'Skippy', 'Chico', or 'Mel'. I'd like that.

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