A game idea that needs criticism

Started by bov930527, Mar 30, 2011, 08:57:08 PM

A game idea that needs criticism (Read 2,855 times)



Okay, hi folks. I am going to try to make it easy for you, but if my post gets boring please, stay with me. I am a huge fan of A/P/AVP universe as I have been for many, many years now. I have an idea for a predator game. Right now, its merely thoughts in my head, but Im planing on geting it on paper soon. I would love to create a predator game, but I dont know how to code (actually, I know, but it is soooooooo boring and frustrating that I just cant do it anymore. It took me a week, like literally a week in front of computer to make a simple game with coloured balls flying on a green background.). Therefore, I have decided to either make it a fan game when I have found enough people (4-5) who like my ideas, can program and want to be a part of this project; or simply make my idea look as proffessional as I only can, go to a bank, borrow some money and start my own game-company (I know it sound like a cheesy teenage dream, but I am serious, I am 200% in.)

Thats the introduction, now to the point.

I need criticism from other... obsessed inhabitants of this community. Since my story takes place in EU (by far), and I want to introduce many things about predators (or Yautja) that have not been shown before, I need to know if my ideas somehow collide with novelizations, movies, comics, you name it.

The game setup I have in mind is TPS/FPS Predator Space Adventure RPG.

If there are interested amongst you, I will write more details in this thread.

P.S. Although I dont code, I can do drawings, blueprints, maps, designs. Solid pictures, nothing that moves (cause I dont have the patience).


Just to make it clear, all I want you to do is say "True" or "False" when I (for example) say "Predator has orange blood". I am sure you guys know stuff that I may have overlooked, so I`ll just post my ideas here and you say if they seem realistic within EU of A/P/AVP.
And what I mean by "criticism" is that you do not go "You are stupid, your idea sucks, you know nothing about AVP", but actually give me a constructive criticism rather than destructive, so that I can further improve my ideas.
And if you have some links for me about extensive information on Yautja, I would really appreaciate.


check out BLAIN's predator study, it's pretty extensive.



Maybe join a game company and work there for a while first.
Just so you have some idea what your doing.



Not to destroy your dreams or anything but entire teams of qualified designers and engineers take years to complete a polished game. I dont want to smash your dreams because its one of mine, but perhaps doing a course at a university, getting a job within a gaming company and pitching forth your ideas may actaully be the way to go. This industry of gaming / interactive entertainment is growing by leaps and bounds and pretty soon interactive entertainment will be a big part of everyday life (if not already, it is for me. Just a shame Australia is so far behind compared to the rest of the world).
My point, invest a few years of your life at uni (if you are truely 200% all for this) and get some experience under your belt.
Good idea though, but FPS has been done in this genre. Personally, I'd love to see some sort of MMO set in an a future alien / pred universe populated by our muched loved monsters and marines.


Course at university: im starting college this autumn   ;D; sooo... Check
Geting a team of qualified designers and engineers: some time during college (probably the later years, but Im gonna try and get people interested as soon as I start this autumn); On the list
Spending years of my life: Heck yea! I am only 17, I got my entire life in front of me! On the list.

But I thought to myself, "You gotta start out small right." and so where is a better place to start geting feedback and criticism for amateur ideas than forums of AVP-fan page? After all, if I am going to do a game, I am doing it for fans like you :laugh:. (And it is due to my start in college this fall that I am actually trying to get thoughts out of my head and on the paper.)
After I have done reading some predator studies (mostly BLAIN`s, thanks AvatarIII for the link, I found information very useful), I`ll try and summarize the EU where my game will take place.


Awesome, looking forward to your work then ;)

Mr. Domino

Almost dismissed this thread entirely, but figured I'd hand out a few pointers.

1) Spend a lot more time coding. Boring? Sure. Are there people out there who actually enjoy it? Absolutely. But if you want to get anywhere with games, you need a rudimentary knowledge (min. 1 year fairly intensive study) of at least 3 or 4 of the current major coding languages. This doesn't have to be done all at once. Note also that this isn't because you're going to have to code if you want to develop games - its because you A) Need to be able to talk to coders and speak their language, and B) need to be able to do whatever is required of you when you take an internship and/or QA job at a studio. Notice I say when, not if. Which brings me to point number 2:

2) Don't try to start your own "studio". Its a fools dream, especially now. Once, you could get away with the "5 guys in a garage" model of software development, but not anymore. The amount of money one needs to break into this industry in this day and age is so immense that if by chance you can get the financial backing you need - you WILL get screwed out of everything when the cards hit the table. Trust me, this is not a road you want to go down. Do it right, scout around for nearby development houses, and when you've got the proper university experience under your belt, apply for a QA job - if you don't get it, be persistent, but don't be annoying. Do your homework, try and make a few connections within the company you're targeting, and don't give up.

3) Don't try and just be the "idea man". A) It doesn't pay as well as you think, and no matter how much you say it doesn't now, trust me, IT DOES. B) Design positions are THE HARDEST to break into (that are actually part of the development team). On the scale of who gets what, Suits are always at the top, followed by coders, followed by Project leads/Team leaders, followed by Artists and Designers (who generally make about the same). Try and multipurpose your skill set a bit - you don't have to be able to do everything, but you do need to know how to do something beyond just "I have such awesome ideas for making games!" in order to be taken seriously.

I could go on longer, but right now, it doesn't seem prudent - those are the major points. If you have any further questions, PM me.


Right, back to the game.

After checking out some of the BLAINS predator study (and other sources such as "Yautja Encyclopedia") I immediately understood that my idea will sound bullcrap, but I decided to nonetheless share it with the world... So here it goes (remember that this represents only my individual fan-fantasy world and is in noway connected to the actual movie franchise):

Yautja have existed for many millions of years and not only as species, but also as "recognized" species in the galaxy.

Over the course of many millions of years Yautja have expanded and now control most of the galaxy. There are still some powerful creatures who are yet to be conquered, but the main Empire to rule the galaxy is that of Yautja. Due to the expansion there is no "homeworld" of the Yautja. Places they call "home" are usually their homeplanets or solar systems. In the same way as all humans (according to the theory of evolution) came from Africa, it is not implied that we all think of Africa as our "home".

After reaching a certain climax in evolution they stopped to evovle, as there was no point to it. Although due to different natural adjustments on different planets, different "types" of Yautja have emerged.  Just as among humans there are differences in skin colour that we often interpret as "race". Same thing can be found among Yautha although it is not specifically the skin colour, it may be length, or thickness of skin, etc.

There are 3 main races (and off course a lot mixes and stuff). There is a war between two races (inspiration from RRs` "Predators") who together control about 80% of the Yautjan Empire (I will be referring to it as that because I simply have no better name for their territories) and the third race who controls about 15%-20% of the Empire that states itself neutral. The war has been going on for over a million years. No one really remembers how it all started, but it had something to do with honor and dishonesty.

The front line, consisting of about 5 solar systems in width, stretches through entire galaxy. Everything near the frontline is about the war (I`ll get back to it later).

Behind the frontline, far away from the battles the Yautjan "Kingdoms" (one for each race) consist of "nations" (similar to human term "continents"). For example the Kingdom of the first race consists of about 100 nations. Each nation consists of about 100 - 100 000 solar systems. Nations that are so far away from the "race"-war that they are not effected by it tend time to time start wars amongst each other.

Nations are devided by groups (similar to human term "contries"). A group is in control of 1 - 1000 solar systems. Groups may have fights and economic/technologic/resource conflicts, but groups within the same nation never go out in a full blown war against each other.

Nations are further disintergrated in too planets (similar to human term "city"). Planets are runned by what we (humans)  would call "Maffia". Groups and nations are runned by politicians. Planets within the same group come along very fine, the only exceptions could be rare cases of industrial sabotage.

The entire Yautja society consists of four jobs/professions:
-Politicians, that change rules and laws by which nations/groups are runned;
-Soldiers, maintain order within nations/groups or fighting at the frontline of the blood feud;
-Engineers, advancing the technology;
-Teachers, passing on the knowledge, such as science, history and language.

There are no doctors, as Yautja have technology to get read of any disease. There are no craftsman as everything is been build by machines (Yautja did not create AI as they saw it as their doom, only simple-task robots) Nor are there enterpreneurs/businessmen, since Yautja value hard work and do not really understand meaning of "easy money".

"The great serpants" (Xenomorphs) are exotic animals used for hunting sports and manhood rituals. They are also used as terrorist weapons. (Humans attack cities with bombs, Yautja attack cities with thousands of face huggers. Therefore a strict law regarding their breeding prohibits anyone who is not authorized to possess xenomorphs. Violations against this law lead to death punishment.)

That is where you come in. You are a mercenary whos job is literally to found out what has happened to missing ships and convoys that are important. Sometimes it is a xenomorph infestation caused by a rival nation. Sometimes it is much, much worse. Universe is big enough to hold a lot of secrets.


Well, this is basically my view of the Yautja EU and the idea I have for this game. So, does it sound "Predator-ish"? Or is it just a load of crap?

Also, thanks for taking your time to read all this (if you do), I appreciate.


tbh you have humanised them too much i think. Good idea but is not how I would imagine thier race.



No doctors? wtf



Quote from: Fujimaster on Apr 13, 2011, 07:15:49 AM
tbh you have humanised them too much i think. Good idea but is not how I would imagine thier race.

Yes, I have been struggling with that ever since I started to develop this idea. I want to make a story that is solely about been a predator mercenary (pretty much like Wolf in AVP:R, go to places where Yautja screwed up and report what has happened, retreive important information, maybe even "clean up" after someone). And I am just a little tired that in all Predator games your enemy is usually either a predator or a human. I mean, I honestly beleive that Yautja universe is a "little bit" bigger than that. I am sure they have thousands of different alien enemy races from all over universe.

Another thing in addition to the thread. The way I see it, they do have a society. And the glimpse of what we see in movies are like their equivalence of our "savage". Sure I am sitting here in Sweden, a country that most of people would think as "modern", advanced and stuff. But right now, there are actually people in Africa who are taking a manhood-trial by killing a zebra (just a silly example, but you get the idea). So, what we see in movies are (as I imagine it) the Predators that are savages. They still live by old codes of hunting and honor, somehwere outside of the "society". Cause I do not believe that every single Yautja has "hunting" as their job. I would think of it rather like recreation (and manhood-trial in young age). Plus I really do not think that if their intelligence is only good enough for hunting they could be able to create so advanced technology, not even to mention to steal it from some other race.

Unfortunately I can not imagine what is truly not human, because it is beyond human limits of mind  :-\

Quote from: samoht on Apr 13, 2011, 08:53:50 AM
No doctors? wtf

Well, imagine they have medicin and technology that can cure any disease. For example, 200 years ago you would go to a doctor if you had a headache. Today you just take a pill. And I beleive that humanity will not have doctors either in the future. We will have medicin, available for every home, to cure most of things.



And I am just a little tired that in all Predator games your enemy is usually either a predator or a human.

I meant to say "either xonomorph/alien or a human".



Make an AvP version of Angry Birds.


^ Gold

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