I just has a stroke of inspiration

Started by dra0gon1, Jul 22, 2010, 07:03:06 PM

I just has a stroke of inspiration (Read 1,018 times)


hi guys I was just reading about infamous 2 and I had a stroke of inspiration. I thought of a cool story to write, please tell me if this has already been written or is similar to anything. So here it goes's:

OK so here is the idea basically, in a world were super heroes and super villains exist, everything is just as hat you expect the super heroes beat the super villains the super villains try take over the world, But when the last super villain is defeated and killed the super heroes feel like they are no longer needed so they try help it anyway they can, but this annoyed the civilians and eventually the super heroes were hated. After a short period of time the super heroes said that they will not take any of this treatment and then they become the super villains and they chain up the world and make ordinary people there slaves, After a while of this happening the super heroes soon discover that there a lot of super heroes that are now the villains are dying so in order to try and stop this from happening they try and find out what's wrong in and come up with a cure but when they accidently invent a something that grants you powers they decide to use it to gain new members and become more powerful or the alternative to this is that the slaves invent the thing that gives you super powers and the whole story will revolve around this but it will focus on a certin character who is a Slave and the story focus on him starting a revolution and him overthrowing the super heroes who r villains, there also be a lot of twist and that sort of thing.

Please tell me what I should call it, has it already been done before? And what should the main character and what direction of the story would be better the super heroes/villains inventing the the thing that gives you super powers or the slaves or do you you think it should go in another direction. What do you think?



hey m8. I think it's a good idea and I hope you make the story. If your going to make the super heros turn to super villans there must be a reason why the change. eg the don't feel wanted anymore or they sick of saving the day or they turn evil due to there being no one to fight and defeat. I'f you want ideas for a main character think what disions that character must face and how would they react to it. Plus a villan must be stronger or faster than the hero If the villan has the same powers as the hero would be a good idea (or at least the hero and villan know each others weakness) 


yeah and it would be nice if you felt that they were these fallen heroes that were once great superheroes. maybe the main bad guy could be like superman, almost indestructable, super strengh etc. and one could have these high-tec gadgets, like batman?
and please dont say stroke, i was a little worried by the title... ;)

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