Following in the footsteps of TTCM : The Beginning, Hills have Eyes 2 ??

Started by stickaround, Jul 20, 2007, 08:40:07 PM

Following in the footsteps of TTCM : The Beginning, Hills have Eyes 2 ?? (Read 12,896 times)


QuoteJust so you know, TCM: The Beginning had a higher budget then the first film, TCM had a budget of 9 million, while The Beginning was made for 16 million, check boxofficemojo. HHE 2 was made for the same amount as the first I believe, 15 million.

I thought The Beginning was far superior to TCM.

And the original owns both their asses XD

Docta Jekyll

Quote from: Noir-Gojira on Jul 22, 2007, 08:26:28 AM
QuoteAnd the original owns both their asses XD

Well, everyone knows that ::)


I meant overall budget, sorry. First TCCM remake had a $30million advertising budget, which beginning certainly didn't. Regardless of budgets the point i was making were the 2 sequels mentioned were much less high profile in the UK than the first films.

The same goes for AvP2 which surprises me, the first AvP was marketed big time and was in lots of magazines etc, just had a really good build up and it made more money than layer cake and alfie when it came out, which was some going considering the length of time since AR and especially pred 2 (anyone know the exact amount it made in the Uk, i think it was upwards of £3mill ?)

By lesser known actors i mean they aren't as well known !

Docta Jekyll

oh, ok, I dont know what the advertising budgets were, but yes, I completely understand what you mean.


Looks like i was proved right unfortunately  :(  Lets hope fox gets there act together and if there is a third one they get it right or we just get lucky and get an unknown director coming through who can do these films justice !

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