Predator Special Edition DVD

Started by slipknotpredator, Jun 29, 2007, 11:59:20 AM

Predator Special Edition DVD (Read 5,309 times)


Finally yesterday i bought the predator special edition dvd, i had other version, one with only one disc. I watched the second disc extras and they were so cool, all of it, i can´t believe what the first predator looked like, hahah theres a scene were they are testing the camoflage the predator looked soooooo stupid, thanks god they get Stan Winston after that.
But one thing i want to say is that after seeing the hole thing i feel like there will never be a movie as cool as predator...i hope avp2 is really "going to the roots" maybe they can do something good. By the way i also bought a original predator poster back from the 80´s  ;D i´ll take some photos of it and post them in merch section  :)

sorry for my english......



I been wanting to get my hands on that but I can never find them in any store. Bastards stoped selling them. >:(



Try Best Buy




Or go online to F.Y.E.

You'll find it there trust me.

Johnny Handsome

I also got the special edition, its a must have.

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