Trying to Create A Pred character. Need some help.

Started by Darchiss, Jul 19, 2009, 06:54:19 AM

Trying to Create A Pred character. Need some help. (Read 1,697 times)


I'm still fairly new to forum roleplay and plan on creating a Predator character for the xenophile rpg forum. The problem? I think of myself as more of a casual predator fan, and need some advice on how to set up a killer profile and how to roleplay them properly. So far I've only created and used a xenomorph and a human character over there.

Also I should mention that the profile must follow very strict personal canon that the site follows. No novels, no games, and no AvP films. That doesn't give me much to work with. :(


could you possibly give a link to the site your posting at?

Darchiss here is it. It's pretty dead right now and needs dedicated members. By all mean take a look. ;D


oh yes, I love having a good read on that sight pretty good rp going on there, just needs a kick in the buttom and some more members.

Pred Killer

Yeah, another site he was posting it at he went through three name changes, lawl.

Paya Jehdin (Powerful one) was the final result. :P

Also in need of active members, btw....

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