Aliens Google Sketchup 3D Models

Started by Griffith, Mar 30, 2009, 05:37:54 AM

Aliens Google Sketchup 3D Models (Read 3,044 times)



Hi everyone I didn't knew where to put this soooo.. I'll just leave this here

Just for the record those models were not made by me actually they were made by some guy named D-Proctor from the now dead but I felt the duty of upload them for everyone who might need it.

For those who don't know what google sketchup is. It's a 3D modeling software VERY easy to use.Sketchup models can be exported to multiple formats wich they can be used in 3D max or any other 3d software.


oh I almost forgot ..this other guy modeled the Nostromo, Sulaco, Narcissus and the EEV escape vehicle here's the link

happy modeling for everyone


Great link.... :)

I also liked the info that they posted with them.  The Narcissus was my favorite of the group. ;D

I've always loved the design...followed by the Nostromo

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