No Real Monsters - Portrait of a Xenomorph

Started by agent_unawares, Dec 10, 2007, 05:50:07 AM

No Real Monsters - Portrait of a Xenomorph (Read 2,700 times)


May these forums be both cursed and blessed for the disallowment of images over 600 pixels wide. At least there's always linking. XD

Just realized that AvP2 was coming out, got sucked back into my enthrallment with the creatures, had to paint this, and consequently had to show it off.

Chestbursting slime-dripping insectile monsters for the win.

Not that I'm not rooting for the humans... -whistle-


wow nice pic.



Awesome drawing... Presentation of the alien in all it's rage and fury....

Regards: Atlantis


Just as an xenomorph should look- scary. 

Excellent work.


Cooooooool!! What did you create this with?


Quote from: REYALS REIGN on Dec 10, 2007, 09:34:50 PM
Cooooooool!! What did you create this with?
Mostly Painter X. The program is awesome but it wreaks havoc interfacing with my tablet quite regularly, so it's currently taking about twice as long as it should for me to finish stuff.  >:(

Alien Freak

Looks great.


Looks cool  :)


Excellent digital rendition.  The torso area is a little muddled making it unrecognizable, but overall fantastic work.

Private Hudson

Excellent!! ;)

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