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the artist is good
Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 21, 2022, 08:25:12 PM<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Something I dont usually paint nowsadays haha Fun piece to work on! Variant cover for Alien issue 12 for <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#marvel</a> comics releasing in May 2022. <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#xenomorph</a> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#aliens</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; DCWJ Derrick Chew (@DCWJ01) <a href="">April 21, 2022</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Ummm no.
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: The ROBOCOP thread
Last post by Master Chief - Today at 02:45:20 PM

The toxic waste melting the villain and then being run over, is a lasting image.

His buddy before he died "Get off me, man!"  :laugh:
General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
Last post by HuDaFuK - Today at 02:24:52 PM
Picked up Fallout 4 for all of a pound.

I'd forgotten how often you're just running away from shit early on in these games :laugh:
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: Supernatural
Last post by Immortan Jonesy - Today at 02:23:11 PM

Recreational Area / Re: Last TV Show You Watched
Last post by HuDaFuK - Today at 02:23:05 PM
I re-watched season 2 of True Detective and it's cemented my wildly unpopular opinion that this is my favourite.

Also started re-watching the last couple of seasons of Bosch in preparation for Bosch: Legacy.
You definitely altered those yourself.  And here I thought were you better than that. smh  :P
Does anybody have any feedback on the new artist? Is he good? Does he have a history of plagiarism, tracing, swiping or photoshopping?

The preview you shared Hicks all look pretty good, so this seems like a step in the right direction by marvel!!
Fan Section / Re: Alien: Prometheus
Last post by jorel04 - Today at 01:37:39 PM
Hey, everyone!  I know that it's been a hot minute since I've done an update on this...  This idea really spurred something that I didn't anticipate, mainly due to the realization that the plot holes in Prometheus spiraled into things that derailed Alien Covenant.  So, with the rewrite of Prometheus, I'm going to do the entire trilogy in it's entirety as one big manuscript (Ala Star Wars Trilogy novel style) and name it Alien Origins.  I'm putting back in the things throughout the universe that already made sense, made things more questioned, & (I hope) put steam back into what was a really good idea but got bogged down by (what I believe) a helluva film maker that tried to answer too many questions too fast.  Being a young pup in the Alien fandom, I agree that some things didn't need to be answered - especially in the way they were answered in the film.

What I'll be presenting at the end of this journey is going to be my personal take on the universe.  I absolutely understand that it may not be everyone (and that's absolutely cool), but I hope that you can take some enjoyment in what I put in there when I'm finished.  I started Alien 01 Prometheus right after I made the original post and I'm only half-way through the film and scripts (how unfortunate that I have to be amongst humans instead of working on this, which is much more enjoyable...).  I'll attempt to upload the whole thing into chunks so you can download it, read it, or anything that you like.

For those who've been looking at my posts and wondering, honestly and truly thank you!  I hope to get some feedback so I can fix what maybe I didn't understand or find in the universe while allowing you to enjoy another take at what should've been good movies but (in my opinion) fell short from the original.  Take care, be safe, and stay frosty!!!

-- JorEl
Prey / Re: It's Official! Prey is Rat...
Last post by Engineer - Today at 01:26:29 PM
Quote from: Voodoo Magic on Yesterday at 03:56:47 PM
Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Yesterday at 02:37:50 PM
Quote from: Voodoo Magic on Yesterday at 01:46:38 PM
Quote from: HuDaFuK on May 18, 2022, 12:06:55 PMI quite like the idea that they maybe have some messed up code whereby it's fine to butcher people who never even had a chance for no reason other than the lulz, but killing a pregnant woman is considered poor form.

American hunters do that now, less for lulz, but more for fun, i.e. sport. But they still follow what they perceive as honorable sports hunter conduct among them, sparing the young or pregnant.

I know you go to this example a lot, so I've got to ask - where are you seeing them refer to themselves as honorable? That is not a word that I ever see game hunting referred to as. Because it certainly isn't. Hiding in a blind to shoot a creature who isn't even aware you're there isn't honorable. It's just as much cheating as how the Predators behave.

There's no denying that the Predators have their own rules and conduct, but Predator and honor is generally discussed as akin to this romanticized view of Samurai honor, or Klingons and it's jut not a view I agree with or enjoy, and it's not a view the films portray, regardless of the Brother's comments.

Just an example on Quora one hunter asking which way to hunt a bear is more honorable, with a bow or a gun. There's of course anti-honor & anti-hunting views that eventually turn the question into a debate (which the world wide web will bring to you.) But just remember, I'm not asking you to agree with these views, just that some hunters HAVE these views.

Here are some early pro honor examples, that are treating the question with legitimacy:

"Sometimes wounded game is lost, never found, and dies in some quiet hiding place, unharvested and wasted. That is very dishonorable."

"It is more honorable to pursue animals in a fashion that ensures a quick humane kill."

"The most honorable hunter is the one who kills cleanly, with a minimum of suffering to his prey"

The problem here to me is when one takes the honorable hunting ideology and applys it to what one personally thinks is honorable. You're not removing yourself out of your own headspace.

Deer hunters today in America wear camouflage, hide in elevated areas and use high powered scoped rifles or compound bows to take out unsuspecting bucks. You might say, where the f*ck is the honor in that?? And I agree. But these human hunters that follow code, don't shoot fawns (young deer), don't shoot pregnant hind (females) feel they are honorable hunters... even when using arrows that give the deer a painful death. They also feel they are honoring their kill if they either 1) harvest it for meat, 2) wear its blood on their face, 3) turn their kill into a trophy, or all three. If you were a baby deer and they did this to your father, you'd think it was sadistic too!

Some "honorable" human hunters even hunt with knives versus guns or bows. Brutal.

Again you have to stop reconciling it with what you think is honorable. A fisherman will put a hook in a fish's mouth, reel it on for 10 minutes, then when they discover the fish has eggs, dehook it and throw it back in the water, thinking they're doing the honorable thing, the right thing, even though they tortured it for 10 minutes and the fish still might die as a result. Imagine that fish was a relative. That's the perspective your taking.

I think we need to put it in context with how some human hunters feel, not how we personally feel about it.

And remember, honor also just means adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct. It doesn't always mean the way of the Samurai. :)

I get what you're saying here and I don't really disagree. I'm a fishermen and a follow some strict rules. Many of them being laws. For example, if my hook wasn't in the fish's mouth and it was in its tail or something, I toss it back because it wasn't a fair/lawful catch. I didn't trick the fish into taking my bait, it just ran into my hook. Many times, the laws about fishing aren't that enforceable; you're out in the wilderness, isolated, and unless a Fish&Game Warden happens to walk by they're kind of trusting you to follow the established laws. I guess you'd call that "being on the honor system" but I've just never thought about myself as being "honorable" when I fish, just being a "good sport." I suppose it's the same thing, just never thought about it that way I guess...

(PS. In my 37 years of fishing, I've never seen a Fish&Game Warden patrolling nearby, for the record. I still follow the laws though; they exist for a reason and I respect that)
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