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Started by Rambo, Jun 28, 2013, 04:23:56 AM

Comics/Literature Sell/Trade Thread (Read 43,734 times)


Someone just got a killer deal on these!



Collection is back up for sale. Didn't have the heart to sell them all last time but regretfully I need the funds now so have decided to sell them.

Some of what is here,

Alien 3 Complete Set
Aliens Genocide 1-4 (Complete Set)
Aliens 1-6  (Complete Set)           
Aliens Colonial Marines 1-12 (Complete Set)
Aliens Earth War 1 - 4 (Complete Set)
Predator Cold War 1-4 (Complete Set)
Aliens vs Predator (Complete Set)
Predator Race War graphic novel
Aliens Beserker 1 - 4 (Complete Set)
Aliens Stronhold 1 - 4 (Complete Set)
Deadleiest of species keepsake
Deadleiest of species Platimum Cover #1
Deadleiest of species Graphic Novel
Tarzan vs Predator graphic novel
Predator Original Gaphic novel
Aliens sacrafice
Judge Dredd vs Pred 1 - 3 (Complete Set)
Superman vs Aliens 1 graphic novel
Batman Aliens Two graphic novel
Superman Aliens 2 God War
Superman vs Pred gaphic novel
Pred hell and hot water graphic novel
Batman vs Predator 2 1 -4 (Complete Set)
Batman vs predator 3  #1 signed
Aliens Apocalypse 1 - 4 (Complete Set)
Superman Aliens (Complete Set)
Superman Aliens signed
Superman Aliens 2 1 - 4
Predreator original 1 - 4 (Complete Set)
Dark horse presents
Predator Xenogenisis # 1
Pred vs Magnvs Robot Fighter #1

I have a few more but will need to have a look back through to see what is there. Not to sure how to price them at the minute, so happy to take offers and will give discounts when buying more than one set.




Thought I'd post this Aliens/AVP comic collection here instead of Ebay..I'll put up the main pictures now if anyone has any questions or want more pictures feel free to ask me.

I would rather trade them to complete my sets but if anyone wants to make me an offer on anything go ahead I'll be very reasonable + shipping from Canada.

In this set I have for trade or sell:

- Aliens: Rogue 1-4 (Complete set)
- Aliens: Stronghold 1-4 (Complete set)
- Aliens: Genocide 1-4 (Complete set)
- Aliens: Hive 1-4 (Complete set)
- Aliens: Earth War 1-4 (Complete set)
- Alien 3: #2
- Aliens: Berserker 2-3
- Aliens: Sacrifice one-shot
- Aliens: Salvation one-shot
- Aliens: Earth Angel one-shot
- Aliens: Colonial Marines #6
- AVP 1st print 2-4
- AVP War 0-4 (Complete set)
- AVP Eternal 1-2
- Aliens vs Batman 1-2 (Complete set)
- Aliens vs Batman II 1-3 (Complete set)
- Aliens vs Superman #3
- AVP vs Terminator 1-4 (Complete set)
- JLA vs Predator one-shot
- DHP #42-43
- DHC #13

I'm looking for the following TPB'S if anyone wants to trade I'll trade for their cost and more.

- Aliens Kidnapped TPB
- AVP Eternal TPB
- AVP vs Terminator TPB
- Aliens Colonial Marines Game Comic
- Aliens Isolation Game Comic
- Aliens Countdown
- Aliens Crusade
- Avp Annual #1
- DHC #11
- Any Terminator TPB besides the ones in the 2 Omnibus
- Almost any Star Wars Marvel or Dark Horse TPB such as Vader, Fett, Etc
- Some Hulk TPB's
- 30 Days of Night TPB'S
- Good Sci-Fi or Horror TPB'S


I'm going to have to go through my collection and see what i need now lol


I also have a whole bunch of Dark Horse Star Wars comic series I just found. Thinking of just bringing everything to the local comic shop, wonder if they'll give something or trade for store credit.


Anyone have an extra Colonial Marines Game Comic or Aliens: Isolation Game Comic for sale? Need these 2 to complete the Alien set!


Meaning the Aliens: Colonial Marines - No Man Left Behind and Alien: Isolation comics.


Quote from: Randomizer on Jun 22, 2016, 05:21:37 PM
Meaning the Aliens: Colonial Marines - No Man Left Behind and Alien: Isolation comics.

Exactly, thanks!


Still for sale if anyone needs anything.


Hello ! I need someone who know everything about comics ^^' In these comics, where come the Aliens, when it's happened and there is a link with the Earth Infestation of Book I and Book II ?

- Aliens Advent/Terminus
- Aliens Reapers
- Aliens Tribes
- Aliens Colonial Marines (série 1993)
- Aliens Rogue
- Aliens Sacrifice
- Aliens Taste
- Aliens Backsplash
- Aliens Labyrinth
- Aliens Salvation
- Aliens Cargo
- Aliens : Alien
- Aliens Music of the Spears
- Operation : Aliens
- Aliens Mondo Pest
- Aliens Matrix
- Aliens Earth Angel
- Aliens Berserker
- Aliens Incubation
- Aliens Mondo Heat
- Aliens Lucky
- Aliens Lovesick
- Aliens Headhunters
- Aliens Pig
- Aliens Border Lines
- Aliens 45 seconds
- Aliens Elder Gods
- Aliens Havoc
- Aliens Purge
- Aliens Alchemy
- Aliens Kidnapped
- Aliens Tourist Season
- Aliens Survival
- Aliens Glass Corridor
- Aliens Apocalypse The Destoying Angels
- Aliens Once in a lifetime
- Aliens Xenogenisis
- Aliens More than Human
- Aliens Fast Track to Heaven
- Aliens Inhuman Condition

Thank you very much and good luck :)


I'll be selling a complete set of the Alien : Stronghold comic on my ebay soon as well as a bunch of other comics from the likes of DC, Marvel and Dark Horse. Ill add the link once they are up


Hey everyone,

I'm dying because I would really love to get this but dont have the extra cash this time of year. Anyway there is an eBay auction up for a complete set of volume 2 aliens UK magazines. 1 day left, $60.

Corporal Hicks

Bad timing. I would love to have picked those up but not exactly the right time of year.  :'(


Me too Hicks, I love the cover art of these mags even though some aren't original, really drawn to them. I haven't read any issues yet though.

I did buy 3 issues actually and they are on the way. Found them cheap on, hope they get more issues in.

I never see vol. 1 available.


Does anyone have any copies of Predator: Life and Death issues #2 and #3 they are selling?

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