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Started by Rambo, Jun 28, 2013, 04:23:56 AM

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I really wanna read Predator: Forever Midnight. I know a lot of people hate it and theres a possibility I will too, but I wanna give it a shot. However it seems to be pretty hard to find and pricey these days. does anyone who absolutely hated it want to sell me their copy for a reasonable price?


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Dec 18, 2016, 02:10:58 PMBad timing. I would love to have picked those up but not exactly the right time of year.  :'(
Quote from: 426Buddy on Dec 18, 2016, 03:53:55 PMMe too Hicks, I love the cover art of these mags even though some aren't original, really drawn to them. I haven't read any issues yet though.

If I ever sell my set of Aliens mag I'll make sure to get a bidding war going between you guys lol.


Well I make a thread about selling comics and miss this sticky topic.

I scoured the bowels of Amazon and Ebay listings.

Sadly there is no market for this type of crap tbh. It is as bad now as it was in 1997 when I tried off-loading them just as the market had fallen through and Dark Horse UK went bust.

As a side-note, didn't realise there was an ALIENS-UK comic adaptation of ALIEN-Resurrection* (*a movie that did little to resurrect  the franchise).

Well you know the saying. Crap ain't worth shit.

bobby brown

Selling some of my books. about 20 Euro plus shipping.


Looks like the sdcc Alien Isolation comic is going for over $100.00 on Ebay now.

Wish i would have found a copy before the prices went insane.

Nightmare Asylum

I actually have one of those. Girlfriend grabbed it for me very cheap at a local shop when they were running a 50% off deal last Free Comic Book Day.



Its pretty much the only Alien/Predator/AvP comic i dont physically own (i have a digital copy though). I also have the ACM tie in comic, got that for 3 bucks last year.

I wish they would have released it officially so that they would be more widely available.

Corporal Hicks

They did release a PDF of it. I'll see if I can find a copy.

I remember snagging one of these at one of the EuroGamer events. Think we even got a photo with Gary Napper and "Amanda" with the comics. lol


No worries Hicks! I had you get me the PDF some time ago already lol.

I just desire the physical copy as well.

Thank you though!

Also thats awesome that you got a copy and got pics with those folks!

Corporal Hicks


Mini-art book:

Quote from: 426Buddy on Jan 13, 2019, 03:30:08 PM
No worries Hicks! I had you get me the PDF some time ago already lol.

I just desire the physical copy as well.

Ah, fair enough. Well it's on the site for everyone now.


Sweet thanks for the Artbook!



I was lucky enough to snag a digital copy of the Isolation comic when it was briefly available for free from the game's website.

I've been panning on getting digital copies of the comics for a while now, but then Hicks - f*cker that he is - told me a lot of the older physical releases have letter columns related to the comic in them. Now I'm wondering if I'll have to end up getting physical copies :laugh:

T Dog

T Dog

Anybody interested in selling me Aliens Omnibus volume 4?

Or can point me in it's direction for a reasonable price?



Hi all,

I have a question for literally anyone.
In the early 90's I read some AvP comics I have never seen again or heard mentioned. They were my first intro to the crossover but I never read the whole set & I have no idea what the story was called. The most I remember is an awesome cover on one & the main Marine was called Schaeffer & also went by Dutch. I thought this was odd, but I was like 10 and didn't care about continuity then.

Has anyone read this? Or even know it?

Edit: just found a similar image of the comic but only the image itself.


That's the alternate cover for Dark Horse Presents #36, which had the last part of the very first AVP short story. The short was later collected as issue #0 of the first AVP series (the one with Machiko on Ryushi).

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