My take of the Armat M4A3 handgun

Started by Solid Beard, Aug 04, 2023, 02:21:09 PM

My take of the Armat M4A3 handgun (Read 1,229 times)

Solid Beard

Since officially the M4A3 handgun uses a Colt 1911 I thought to see if I could find another weapon that comes closer to the aesthetic of the other handgun from Aliens (H&K VP70) and I found this on internet the Colt All American 2000. Made the same Colt, chambered in 9MM and it looks futuristic. I photoshopped it a bit to feel as part of the universe.

What do you think ?

Corporal Hicks

I've always had a soft spot for the Veep over the 1911. Just looks a little more "futuristic". But I like the general shape of this, and the PSed engravings are a very nice touch!



The 1911 and ma duece will be around when we have shelved all of our lead ammunition with lasers. 

I'm actually torn right now between buying a 1911 clone or a hi power clone from Girsan. 

There is a reason the 1911 stays around so long, and it is because it is sexy.  Consistently a beaut.   

In reality I think you will see more and more weapons go to more polymer, just because of expense.  And that is where real "military grade," comes from.  Who can manufacture the most stuff for the military at the cheapest price.  So in the future the USCMC will be running around with plastic POS. 

I do like this design because it doesn't look exactly like the 1911, nor does it look exactly like the VP70.


I love both the handguns from Aliens and wish they were included in more EU material, instead of inventing new guns for every game and comic.

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