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Started by xShadowFoxX, Mar 18, 2023, 06:01:50 PM

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So the wife wakes up and puts on a video called Scariest Hauntings or whatever and I'm trying to sleep. Also, I didn't know exactly where to put this so I figured I'd put it in the fan section since I now have an idea for my fan thing.

So anyway, my dream starts off as this sort of divergence toward the end of Alien 3, prison and all and the Alien's killing people left and right and it feels like I'm watching a movie starting out, but like sections of the prison start to violently flood and at this point, the prisoners and a woman resembling Ripley are desperate to get out but with the Alien on the loose, it's kind of a no brainer.

And another thing, the prison actually looks like an abandoned prison that's still in use. It's really claustrophobic, and really pitch black in some places and corners. It's almost like a maze with more walkways, balconies and it looks like the sort of place where if it would actually flood, then the flooding would stay and not drain. Also, there was a lot of white tiling everywhere.

So the surviving prisoners actually do escape and lock down that entire section of the prison because apparently it's the only real way in or out.

Then like years pass, and I'm a character apparently and the woman resembling Ripley is still at this prison, working as a security guard and a buddy and I are about to go inside the locked down section of the prison, video cameras and all. 'Ripley' and another guard are accompanying us, both heavily armed. All this is happening while my Wife's video is going on in the background because I can partially hear it in the background and it's just kind of rhyming with the dream I'm having.

So 'Ripley' unlocks the main entry to the blocked off section and she pulls open the heavy-ass door which shows off a short corridor that leads into a pitch black chasm of a prison. She's the first to enter followed by me and my buddy behind me. The second guard is last to follow.

Everything is absolutely pitch black here. Another thing, the cameras are attached to helmets which also come with flashlights so that's handy.

But anyway, we step onto this balcony which encircles the entire room and this is where it gets freaky. All the walls and parts of the railing on the balcony are completely covered in that Alien hive resin, but it's also kind of fleshy like it's been rotting over the years. It's almost like the room was panting heavily, but it was subtle so I didn't notice at first.

The exposed tile floors and walls were that weren't covered in resin were indeed covered in grime, grunge and what possibly looked like bloodstains. It wasn't brown like it oxidized over the years but it looked red.

Then I looked over the railing and captured the floor which was completely flooded with water. And the water was so disgusting with bits of resin and rotting hive stuff just floating on the surface, and the water is discolored with that sort of brown, rust-colored pigment.

So at this point, we just follow 'Ripley' along the balcony/walkway. The walkways are really narrow as well, due in part to the hive resin. I also hear a massive clang behind so I turn around and watch as the second guard locks the door behind us. I turn my attention back to 'Ripley' and just follow her. At this point, I'm feeling really oppressed. Save for the sounds of our footsteps, everything is dead silent. That's when I see like the backside of something humanoid. It was only a glimpse but it was very human like. I turn to grab 'Ripley's' attention and point to where the thing was, only to find it vanished.

She just looks at me and says 'keep moving.'

We follow 'Ripley' down these stairs into the mucky/murky water. The flooding is about waist deep, depending on how tall you are.
It almost feels like level in Alien Isolation with the minor flooding and hive walls but... Scarier because it doesn't feel like a game.

It's pretty uneventful for a while, aside from being freaky and oppressive. But then we get to a point where it feels like we're headed toward the end because we have not seen the Alien at all, and whatever human remains that we're supposed to be there were missing as well. But we reached this chamber deep inside the prison hive. It's here we find the Alien, just sitting in its own nest, with it's legs folded inward, like how a cat sits when it's resting. 'Ripley' has her sights and gun locked on the Alien but something seems off at this point. The Alien does not move at all. In fact, it was more of a statue at this point.

'Ripley' notices this too, so she grabs a nearby, rusted metal pole. The second guard has his gun locked on just in case it moves. 'Ripley' just pokes the head, and a piece of it shatters like thin ceramic or glass with tiny Alien insects just pouring out. Then the husk just falls over, collapses and shatters into indiscernible pieces, almost like any evidence, aside from the hive, has been removed.

Then I make a turn and find two leathery objects - eggs. At this point, I'm too freaked out to move but as I shine the light over the two eggs, I notice something resembling a watch just embedded inside a more transparent, glassy portion toward the base of the egg.

And that's when I wake up.

Also, adding if anyone is wondering if I smelled anything, I honestly don't remember.. and if I did smell something it would've probably been awful, musty and all sorts of nasty.

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