Could Resident Evil crossover into Alien/Predator?

Started by Neomorph-01, Mar 16, 2022, 11:28:36 PM

Could Resident Evil crossover into Alien/Predator? (Read 3,020 times)


Hello everybody. Had a fun thought - could Resident Evil crossover into Alien/Predator?

I had a couple of ideas that might work.
Predator/Resident Evil
Scenario one: The outbreak in Racoon City, a group of survivors being picked-off by infected zombies, Umbrella Bio-Weapons and a dangerous alien hunter.
Scenario two: Umbrella facility, a captured Yautja mutated into an experimental Tyrant. A veteran Yautja (a bit like Wolf) arrives to destroy the abomination and the humans who dared to defile it's own kind.

Aliens/Resident Evil
Scenario: A rescue ship arrives to a science space station. Weyland-Yutani (or Seegson) found old Umbrella virus samples and experimented - creating a Xenomorph that is adapted by the T-virus (all it's victims are infected and reanimate as infected zombies).

What do you all think? Could these ideas work? How would you imagine the scenarios?

Jason Todd Voorhees

Jason Todd Voorhees

Its a fun disection in terms of scifi horror meeting zombie horror but seeing a Zombie or Mutated Predator is honestly frightening to even witness!

Its a possible very slight possible but possible thing that could happen.


Best chance for this is in Fortnite or a new Mortal Kombat game


I don't really see the appeal though for the Alien side of things to cross over.  Big bio weapons with stabby parts constantly trying to be controlled by a big corporate entity is a key plot point for both Aliens and RE.  An acid bleeding BOW is just the same thing you've seen before with acid blood. 

On the flip side, having a team like STARS, or the BSAA fighting zombies and BOW would garner the attention of the pred just fine.  Seems more a natural fit. 

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