Alien: Solara - New Audio Drama!

Started by Anarchist86ed, Jan 28, 2018, 07:12:41 PM

Alien: Solara - New Audio Drama! (Read 87,160 times)


Unfortunately my body betray me. I'm recovering from appendicitis. This means a significant delay. I'm ordered not to do much of anything for a while till I recover.

Corporal Hicks

Sorry to hear that mate! Take it easy, take care of yourself and get back on your feet.  :)



Corporal Hicks

Looking forward to it!  ;D



26/4 is going to be one heck of a busy day.


Originally part 2 was going to clock out at about an hour, but everyone agreed it was too long. 32 minutes seems more tolerable.

Eventually it will all be edited into one long episode like the audible drama's.

Corporal Hicks

Too long as in it just didn't work for the pacing or you just felt it was too long a time for people to want to listen to?


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 19, 2018, 07:20:33 AM
Too long as in it just didn't work for the pacing or you just felt it was too long a time for people to want to listen to?

Too much to record, and probably too long for people to listen to. And the cast pretty much agreed it was too long.

Corporal Hicks

As a listener, as long as it's good I never mind having more to listen to!  :P


Here here!  (or in this case hear, hear).  The longer the better as long as it's good.  Which it is, very much so.  This way you can really develop the plot and allow the listener to immerse themselves..



Well it's about 35 minutes. I couldn't leave it on a pathetic cliffhanger. Instead it ends on a much better cliffhanger. The original over an hour version ended by introducing a very special antagonist.

All I'll say about spoilers is John is a synth, but what does the name "John" mean?  ;) if you can figure that out, you'll get a hint where John is at the end of the episode.

Corporal Hicks

Are you still on track for release tomorrow?  :)


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 25, 2018, 08:41:11 PM
Are you still on track for release tomorrow?  :)


Corporal Hicks

Fantastic! Looking forward to it.  :)



Thought it'd be fun to go over the references we made.

In  part 1:

Willin' by Linda Ronstadt is a nod to the abyss.

Twister is a nod to Bill Paxton, AKA Hudson. The movie exists in the same universe, though not canon of course.

Wey-yu commercial from AVP, a nod that the predator is also out there.

Midway station, the astral diner and Humans becoming energy beings are all nods to stargate.

It's 2180, a little over a year after Alien 3, and my 200th birthday.

They fly an M-call star freighter, possibly the last one known to still be in use.

Plutus is the god of wealth, the planet Plutus is rich in gold.

Mr. Deckard. You figure it out.

"John" means Jockey. According to Wikipedia, the word jockey in the English language itself derives from the name John also colloquially used for boy, as cognate to the custom found in many Indo-European languages.

The events on LV-426 were covered up as an atmosphere processor explosion.

Milky goop should be obvious, it's what they used in the movies.

Bees man, bees have hives. But in canon there are no bees on Thedus as far as we know.

Dead rock trivia and references:

Power doors use the same sound effect as the aliens doors.

The power loader is the same sound effect.

Country roads is considered classical music.

A nod to the engineer civil war is made.

The eggs were experiments of the engineers, just like David, they wanted the perfect organism.

Humans care more about money than dangers these creatures can cause, just like Burke.

The wind sound is the same used for LV-426.

There were two creatures in the eggs, neither of which were face huggers. I say that because it's obvious they weren't. What they really are will be a big surprise later on.

Part 2 references. Spoilers alert.

They're space truckers, not colonial marines is what a character says. The crew of Nostromo were also space truckers.

Laser pistols make a triumphant return.

The Captain bought a scrapped shuttle for the ship before they left gateway. It's name is too weird to pronounce.

Paxtonol-666 is the name of a chemical that can melt rock. Figure out why it's named that.

Disney and WalMart are rumored to be buying Weyland-Yutani. In resurrection, Walmart allegedly buys them. In reality, Disney just bought them.

That's all for now.

Alien: Solara Part 2.

Happy #AlienDay


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