Mysterious Alien novel by Titan Books

Started by Retropocalypse, Mar 02, 2023, 08:51:43 AM

Mysterious Alien novel by Titan Books (Read 512 times)



I've spotted a mysterious book that's being published by Titan Books appear on Amazon CA and Book Depository.

It has a placeholder title of, "Alien Novel 6".

Could it be a new fiction novel?

Amazon CA:
Book Depository:

After some further search, it appears it could also be a bugged or abandoned placeholder for the Alien Covenant: The Official Collector's Edition book.

What do you think?


Doubt it's anything new as we are well beyond Titan Novel 6.

There was also no indication of any upcoming novel in the latest title listings inside Enemy of My Enemy.


"Titan Books (Dec 31 2035)"

Talk about planning ahead!

Conversely, there are some reviews of it dating from at least 2017 on there...

Corporal Hicks

The reviews almost sound like Alien: The Archive or a similar book.

But as Batman said, there's unfortunately no new books advertised in Enemy of my Enemy.

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