Alien Desolation (Tristan Jones pitched/not happening comic/novels)

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Alien Desolation (Tristan Jones pitched/not happening comic/novels) (Read 7,896 times)


Just to clarify -- I'm not trying to write the queen out or off -- I'm just putting a different take forward. I LOVE drawing that thing and it would've ABSOLUTELY appeared, it just would've been posited as something else.

I kinda have to agree with the notes on the RPG. I admire the work that's gone in, but far out it reeks of grandiose deep dives. Clara's map is fantastic, but it lost me a lot in the connective tissues and trying to tie things together. My personal opinion has always been to make the alien as alien as possible. It's about how people deal with what's going on, and an RPG is about people playing out and reacting to those situations. Problem with playing an ALIEN RPG is that you know how the aliens work as a player, so it kinda stilts the experience in a sense. It's the same as when you read the books or comics or watch the films. You know what to expect now. I wanted to try and do something that made the experience feel fresh. Like you're watching a sequel for the first time and it's adding those new ideas in and building in new surprises. I feel like a lot of Alien EU stuff, as fun as it is, lost that.

Quote from: PAS Spinelli on Feb 05, 2023, 04:21:57 PMshe should be in a way that didn't make her a "leader", they are a hive mind, but if they are to be made to have self awareness like the Queen, then all of them should be made self aware like her instead of her being the only one, the Queen shouldn't be a one per hive kind of deal, but rather a common breeder made to preserve hosts instead of continuously wasting them with eggmorphing, and she should be born completely out of it too, rather than being a normal Xenomorph that eventually turns into a one to lead a hive

This is kinda what we figured with "big ugly" in Defiance. Aliens would evolve into something else if they weren't around a queen. Aliens with a queen were simple minded because they didn't need to be anything but protective monsters. Aliens without a queen became smarter, aggressive, and would either eggmorph until a queen came biologically, or evolve into something that either created or became a queen.

Quote from: Kimarhi on Mar 05, 2023, 09:52:00 PMA decade from now they will probably release this as an alternative what if like they did with Gibson's Alien 3.

As long as I'm involved...
Quote from: dnicholson277 on Mar 02, 2023, 11:17:01 PMHate the idea of the Queen being a one off mutant.

I would prefer the idea of a Queen Alien to be the result of the situation the Alien is in.

I mean... You're kind of proposing the same thing, though it leans closer to the above.

Quote from: Xenomorphine on Mar 06, 2023, 05:12:08 PMI like a number of things (like the black ooze being derrived from the Alien, which I've often theorised), but, yeah, the Queen is too obviously a part of the default reproductive system to be dismissed like that, in my view. Especially since she's clearly optimised, symmetrical, etcetera. That's far from what a cancerous-style genetic mutant would look like.

Obvious is my problem. Nothing about the original alien and its lifecycle is remotely obvious in my eyes. Something that makes more sense to me is that the queen is either an engineered factory-creature or a genetic evolution from parasitism. Both of which would've played into what was meant to be one of my Predator stories...

Quote from: Xenomorphine on Mar 06, 2023, 05:12:08 PMI still say there's room for a future story to depict egg-transformation as an emergency method to obtain, specifically, Queen-hosting facehuggers. That makes everything fit together.

That's what big ugly was doing in Defiance. Been on record about that a few times and its why the eggmorphing was in Defiance. Best of both worlds.

Quote from: Xenomorphine on Mar 06, 2023, 05:12:08 PMAmanda suffocating to death on LV-426 would have been... Hmm... I don't know. Like, there's some interesting poetic irony in there, but it would have also felt like it cheapened Ellen's discovery about her in the film, because we'd know, in hindsight, that she's heading off to where her remains would be and just has no idea, which would have weird vibes. Depends how it's executed.

That last bit is key. Isolation changed the entire emotional core of Aliens in the same way, so...

Quote from: Xenomorphine on Mar 06, 2023, 05:12:08 PMA rogue biologist declaring it's ridiculous to try and weaponise the Alien, I would disagree with. So long as the controlled laboratory conditions are there (and protocols are followed), without cutting corners, the Alien should be a lot easier to manage than, say, ebola, anthrax and all the other crazy plagues which have been kept in isolation in special facilities for decades. Especially if you do it on something like an orbital platform. They wouldn't even need a live creature. 'Resurrection' depicted a fairly incompetent operation and not how it would realistically be handled.

Right, but you're talking about a guy who has watched the company he worked for do exactly what you're talking about... and though he says it's ridiculous there's a lot in the details about that character's actions I didn't mention in the tweet...!

Quote from: Xenomorphine on Mar 06, 2023, 05:12:08 PMHeck, by that point in time, it would probably just be run by droids, anyhow. Zero human employees. Entire sections able to be flooded with radiation, ultrasonic countermeasures and a lot more. We only ever see very superficial, cartoonish depictions of how handling the Alien (or, at least, the DNA) would really be done.

Yeah, but also I disagree, even with self check-outs at supermarkets, you still need staff on hand. And Alien is cyberpunk at its core so... I know plenty of scientists in a lot of fields, and you wouldn't have synths just doing this remotely. We've also seen the problems with synths at this point... because... literally every Alien film!

Quote from: Xenomorphine on Mar 06, 2023, 05:12:08 PMNow, warning against an organisation trying to get ahold of them, which doesn't exactly have a great track record in safety? The 'wrong' people? Now you're talking! :) There are even some real historical examples of stuff like that to reinforce their point.

EXACTLY. I might be leaning away from SOME tropes, but at the end of the day, this is what the Alien saga is ultimately about in my mind, and in my notes it still makes sense that they're dealing with a pandora's box created from something not even the potential creators understood, creators of which the humans don't necessarily understand. Aliens upon aliens upon aliens trying to be interpreted by humans? HUGE margins for misinterpretation and error...


I think the queen has become too much of a staple of the franchise for the movies (or EU tied into the movies) to one off, but I like it as an alternative take fine. 


After the chest bursting is done and the adult is revealed Alien is a pretty by the numbers monster flick. Even the android is just the mad scientist protecting the beast trope. People commented on it at release (some critics even called the adult the least interesting stage - even design wise!)

I always go back to Jaws when people say the beast is cooked or needs some new form or trait to keep it interesting. We know what a shark is. We know how they work. The film is scary because it's well told.

The last time I watched Alien I did so at night, with the lights off, phone well out of reach. I just watched the damn movie and nothing else. And despite knowing it backwards, I still needed to turn the lights on before going upstairs afterwards. It was great.

The Alien is an eight foot acid bleeding monster that wants to either rape you or eat your brains. It doesn't really need to be anything more than that.

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