Predator Hunting Grounds (2020) by Illfonic - PS4 and PC

Started by molasar, May 09, 2019, 10:13:55 PM

Predator Hunting Grounds (2020) by Illfonic - PS4 and PC (Read 56,314 times)


^ Yup, hopefully so. You could totally do "police/SWAT team trying to take down a criminal gang and/or obtain evidence" as the objective for the human players in that setting.


Quote from: Voodoo Magic on Jun 29, 2019, 11:14:05 AM

Iwo Jima, Cambodia, Beirut.
Drawn by heat and conflict.
Oh, my!


Probably different areas of the jungle, maybe times of day.
I'd love a city map though.

Voodoo Magic

Here too: (even though it's basically a jungle again)


Yeah the hunting planet is certainly within the realms of possibility, if not at launch then as an additional map later on, given that they'd obviously already have a bunch of jungle assets to use.

I'd hope if it were included that we'd get some landmarks from the film, like the hunting camp and totems dotted around, or the big alien drilling machine.

Corporal Hicks

Yeah, I'm really hoping for a variety of map locations too!

Corporal Hicks

The Old One

The Old One

Nothing really about the game, superb team of talented people by all accounts and out early next year.


Outside of some insight into the team (which is always appreciated), the photos do have some small albeit known information.
There are some assets on display like a jungle setting (something we've known) and the various shrubs or shrub textures (it's hard to tell). There's also a mechanical thing with what looks like a map. However it might just be a grid of some sorts.

The article doesn't really say anything about the game itself but it is due out early next year. I just sincerely hope it doesn't release as late as March since the schedule has some heavy hitters in there. It's a small game under a small studio with a dedicated fanbase, but if released too late you really got got have something big to distract from Avengers and Cyberpunk.

The Old One

The Old One

Yeah, don't go up against Cyberpunk.  ;D

Corporal Hicks


I think it's 7pm UK time.


Cant wait

Voodoo Magic

Me too. Stoked about this one!


Please be good... can't wait.

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