How I'd do Alien V

Started by FatStu, Sep 07, 2020, 12:21:05 AM

How I'd do Alien V (Read 21,376 times)



I wondered if you meant the Alien³ videogames, which themselves are pretty good just not as good as the film of course.

Resident Evil took the whole "the company" narrative, and gave it a Palpatine type figure where it unsurprisingly turns out they are behind everything, an idea you have basically proposed, I absolutely loathe it in relation to Alien and the main themes of capitalist bureaucratic apathy in Alien.

And that without exception has been the core idea behind every alternate Aliens sequel.

In my opinion Alien's above this kind of nonsense, that kind of narrative cliché and retconning certain entries within the franchise, that's how we end up with three Alien films inventively named "Alien" just like Halloween.

But yeah Alien Isolation's the best first person Resident Evil, and Dead Space's the best third person Resident Evil.



I'm reading the outline and I don't see where they say there's a single big bad ad the company.



You are technically right, I read about the inclusion of the names Ripley and Newt then, Hicks as a human antagonist and my brain went on battery saver mode.

Which would just honestly be doing a similar thing for the military industrial complex.

The idea of a character going from good to bad because of their experiences has already sort of been done in Alien. If not that well. The prequels.

The rest still remains very Resident Evil like in proposal.

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