Predator Hunting Grounds on Playstation 5

Started by David, Mar 18, 2023, 11:34:25 AM

Predator Hunting Grounds on Playstation 5 (Read 1,646 times)


Can I run the game on Playstation 5 ?

Corporal Hicks

Yes, it runs on PS5.  :)



That's really good news. Now to spend 550 euros on playstation 5

It will definitely be cheaper than a new computer


It also has a cross-play, so you can end up playing against PC players (which is probably difficult)


You can turn crossplay off though if you never want to be matched with PC players (like I did).

Also once you get it be sure to go into the option menu and select "unlock framerate" to give it a little fps boost, since it doesn't do that automatically like some games do on current-gen systems.

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