Mr Black, Falconer and Crucified are December's DLC!

Started by Kailem, Dec 15, 2021, 07:52:53 PM

Mr Black, Falconer and Crucified are December's DLC! (Read 2,293 times)


I never thought we'd see the day!! :o They finally did it!!

Full patch notes in the relevant thread.


I told you they would! Mr. Black looks fantastic! And they totally went the round about way of getting people Jungle Hunter with Crucified which is great as Steam players never had the opportunity to pre-order.

Three Preds at once, now this is more like it!


It's odd that they didn't include Tracker/Dog Handler, but given the Jungle Hunter pre-order situation it makes sense why they'd add Crucified for people who missed out on that.

Honestly, with them giving away the masks, I never thought we'd ever get any of these, let alone get them all in a single DLC pack!

So, now that we've finally, actually, after all this time got Mr Black, the logical question now surely map when? :P


Great news! So Tracker and AvP preds before city map? And Lone Wolf mode?


Playstation potatoes over at PHG Forums are having a hate boner on because they just stink at the game. go figure. But i dont blame them because right now over 75 percent of them can't even download the update.

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