Predator Hunting Grounds (2020) by Illfonic - PS4 and PC

Started by molasar, May 09, 2019, 10:13:55 PM

Predator Hunting Grounds (2020) by Illfonic - PS4 and PC (Read 55,688 times)

Original Predator

Quote from: The Kurgan on Aug 22, 2019, 01:34:43 PM
Gotta get people to move somehow or they will just hunker down as a group and wait for the pred. Not much fun in that.

Accomplishing objectives as a team while keeping an eye on the predator stalking you, waiting for his chance to strike, sounds way more thrilling and immersive  than yet another regular death match type IMO.

Good point. 


PS4 only? Dammit all!!  :-\

Voodoo Magic

  • Predator: You can self-destruct when health runs low

    That's right, when the Predator's health runs low, the player can activate a self-destruct sequence via the wrist computer, and the Fireteam will need to scramble to get out of the blast radius before the countdown timer rounds out. Wiping out the Fireteam in this way doesn't garner a victory for the Predator though, as the outcome is determined by scoring.

    We can already imagine players who play as the Predator letting out a blood curdling laugh over VoIP when the self-destruct sequence is activated, just like the ending in 1987's Predator.


I laughed hard at that post because I read the bold and then my eyes immediately went down to the gif  :laugh:
TO my knowledge that's a first for a game featuring a Predator right? It's great news though, and in a way its even a "Rage quite" deterrent

Corporal Hicks

You used to be able to do it in Primal Hunt IIRC. But that's a pretty damn swanky feature.

The Old One

The Old One

Excellent, I hoped for the feature.


In Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Devastation when the player as the Predator gets downed they automatically self destruct and as far as I recall there was no running away, everyone who was an enemy to the player was killed as far as I remembered.

Voodoo Magic

I can't wait to do my best Billy laugh when I trigger it!



From what I recall from reading and watching a bunch of those recent hands-on previews, the humans can apparently stop the self-destruct if at least one of them can get to the Predator before it goes off and deliver a killing blow, which sounds like it could create some fun and potentially really tense last-minute situations where you'll have to decide whether you think you're close enough to get to him in time to stop it (and risk getting blown up for sure if you're wrong), or just say to hell with it and try to get out of there.

Corporal Hicks

Could you do that in Wildands too? I can't remember.


I'm not sure, I never owned the game, just saw a couple of videos of the Predator mission.


Quote from: BountyHunter on Sep 01, 2019, 10:37:16 PM
PS4 only? Dammit all!!  :-\

lol I'm really starting to feel bad for the xbox people. Even though I got a ps4, this game should definitely be on all platforms.

Corporal Hicks

I'm kinda surprised that people still get upset over console exclusives. Their entire purpose is to entice into buying that platform. Been going on since there were consoles.


I am admittedly fortunate enough to own both consoles and even I'm a tiny bit salty about this.

I've been there with not having the money for a console or online capability and I know how much it sucks to be paying for bills and groceries when you could be playing games on the system you actually own. Having it open to all platforms at the time while a developmental hurdle does benefit everyone, though I can see why a smaller studio wouldn't do that. 



Quote from: Predboy on Sep 24, 2019, 07:45:41 PM
'this game should definitely be on all platforms.'
Why should it be if Sony pays for its development?

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