Favourite Weapon/Level

Started by War Wager, Dec 05, 2007, 10:00:53 PM

Whats your favourite weapons in AvPR?

6 (15%)
21 (52.5%)
Dual Shoulder Cannons
25 (62.5%)
4 (10%)
Throwing Disc
4 (10%)
Hand Gun
11 (27.5%)

Total Members Voted: 40

Favourite Weapon/Level (Read 18,654 times)



I like the Spear and hand cannon best. The Dual Shoulder cannons are cool and all but the hand cannon is faster and takes less energy. I killed like three or four Aliens without draining near as much as I would have with dual shoulder cannons. And the spear is very effective if you're being swarmed.

My favorite story level is probably either the hospital, the Sewer, or the High School. hard to pick. in skirmish I think I'd say the High school. Fighting in that big empty pool is fun.



I can agree with that. The sewer was confusing at first, but I came around. lol

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