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Started by Hatemorph, Oct 05, 2020, 02:56:29 AM

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hey guys, i'm kinda new to modding and stuff but not a complete idiot when doing any.

i was just trying to work out a way I can change the "Number 6" alien in the campaign to a domed warrior skin.
can anyone help me with this?
i have all the tools and stuff like QuickBMS but i'm just not 100% where to move and remove some files without destroying my game.

thanks for the help in advance.



1st download Quickbms

2nd download this script https://github.com/Trololp/AVP2010MapViewer/blob/main/usefull_stuff/asura_test.bms

3rd decompress multiplayer.asr
And use this https://mega.nz/file/yZ4xRYhL#4Xm4VFx48ICVRxAJ2-qYwCdELX2Bj9MOS-wFNd1VzZs utility
to decompose Fuke.dat.

4th.go to Fuke.dat_decomposed \ characters \ thirdperson \ alien_warrior \ collect alien_warrior_dome.asr

5. also use option unpack go to Fuke.dat_unpacked and collect  alien_warrior_dome.model , also collect  alien_warrior_dome.HSBB

6. get this cpp file https://github.com/Trololp/Small-utils/blob/main/MARE_chunk_reparse.cpp, find that g_save_resources
array this is texture names (Note: they must not contain '\\ graphics \\' in path and '.dds' or '.tga' extension) get all textures that suppose to be
alien dome texture, paste them in that array. then collect  MARE  (Material Reference?) chunk. Compile cpp file somehow idk.
and use it on MARE chunk you get.

7. you need to rename alien_warrior_dome string inside every resource (model, HSBB, unpack alien_warrior_dome.asr rename and pack back (this will be easier)) to alien_warrior  or Jungle_Alien .
For example:

8. put alien_warrior_dome.asr, alien_warrior_dome.model, alien_warrior_dome.HSBB, and MARE you got from that program you compiled in one folder. Then use 'pack' option with utility.

9. Inside * .lst files contains archive names that game loads. so change it like that

envs \ Refinery \ Refinery.pc
envs \ Refinery \ M02_Refinery.en
"path to your mod * .asr file" # our mod must load before mission file loaded otherwise substitution will not work (Note: you must not put
comment in this file, so dont just copy paste.)
envs \ Refinery \ M02_Refinery_.pc # renamed mission file

10: Profit

Also do it with Ridged skin.

(This' a guide for diversifying Aliens in missions, but the principal's identical, although I have not done it myself either.)



Note: Number 6 model appears only in cutscenes, if you want to change player model, there no easy way to do it, you will need to remade whole model for "domed warrior skin". Number 6 model named: Number_6_Alien_Warrior.RSCF

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