Aliens versus Predator - CFG does not work

Started by Artas1984, Oct 04, 2012, 08:31:31 PM

Aliens versus Predator - CFG does not work (Read 1,363 times)



Aliens versus Predator Gold installed. You probably know the many problems haunting this game. I think the most important is that i can not save any changes in CONFIG. There is a file in my main folder called CONFIG.cfg - some BS, because whenever i change the controls and save, it does not work, the file remains empty.

Those who know, have or remember this game - a fix for this is needed please!!!

Also it seems that all the links to download various fiels in planetavp are dead? Was there ever released a patch for gold AVP edition?

Without a custom CFG, this game is UNPLAYABLE.

Searching in internet for a custom CFG is totally useless: i only get answers related to the deepshit AVP game, made by SEGA, not the original. It is as if the original AVP was never made in the first place and humanity just forgot it...

The Necronoir

Get yourself a copy of the game on Steam. A lot of the problems that plagued it on WinXP and beyond have been fixed, in addition to widescreen support.

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