Does this game spoil anything in the movie?

Started by marky, Feb 15, 2008, 08:49:58 PM

Does this game spoil anything in the movie? (Read 5,933 times)


I'm getting this game next week, and I was just wondering:

Does this game (AVP-R PSP) spoil anything in the movie (AVP-R)?

Please don't spoil endings and things like that!

War Wager

The endings kinda the same but that about it.


The Predalien doesn't even come out in the game,this game is loosley based on the movir, the only thing that makes it related to the movie is that it has Wolf and you are in a Small town in colorado on the mountains,Gunnison.


It somewhat does. Mostly at the end.

Heres a couple things it spoils

The final place
The boss fight there (Its not an alien just so you know)
Stupid people that act retarded like in the movie(Regardless of that acting I loved the movie)
and a couple other homages to it


Yeah, I couldn't find hardly any similarities, but the beginning was pretty accurate.

Private Hudson

Beginnig, and in a way the end.


Does the predalien have a roll? Is she the boss?

Private Hudson

^ For some reason, the Predalien doesn't even have a cameo of the slightest proportions.

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