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Nightmare Asylum

Nightmare Asylum


This is a couple weeks old, but hasn't been posted here. Interesting... given the leaked working titles from quite a few years back, I would have assumed that Avatar 3 (tentatively "The Seed Bearer") would have actually been Kiri's movie, with Avatar 4 (tentatively "The Tulkun Rider") being Lo'ak's. Assuming, of course, those titles are accurate, but then, The Way of Water did come off of that list.

Also, I caught The Way of Water a second time a couple days ago (I see a lot of movies on the big screen, but this second viewing actually makes The Way of Water it the first one since COVID struck in 2020 that I've seen twice in its original run in a theater [I very likely would have done the same for Dune in 2021 if not for the simultaneous HBO Max release that I took advantage of for rewatches]). I opted for IMAX 3D for both screenings, since it's a format I'm not going to be able to replicate at home and I wanted to take it in on the big screen that way again before it eventually leaves theaters. Cameron's in top form here; it's a synthesis of so much of his career up to this point (interestingly, Alien: Covenant was kind of that for Scott...), it's an astounding technical achievement, but most importantly, it just speaks to me. I can't help but fall in love with the characters, the world, the science and the fantasy (and the pulp space opera synthesis between the two, yes please), and the overall central metaphor that holds it all together. I'm so excited to see what Cameron does over the next few years as he continues to play around in this world; he was right, back when he said that with Avatar and Pandora, he's created a pretty perfect playground that he can use to tell the kind of stories that he really wants to tell over the next decade or so.

Started making my way through the film's art book last night, and I'm finding myself enamored all over again.

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This only means one thing😱


Fifth ? Only fifth ? WTF ? Go get them, Jimbo !


Big Jimbo has made 3 of the 5 highest grossing films of all time.


I love the Man.


According to boxofficemojo the film is already all time nr 4 surpassing the force awakens

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Did @BlueMarsalis79 do her part and see it at least twice?

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Quote from: irn on Jan 28, 2023, 11:50:08 AMBig Jimbo has made 3 of the 5 highest grossing films of all time.

Aye, in a way, only Jimbo beats Jimbo lol  :laugh: 



Quote from: irn on Jan 28, 2023, 11:50:08 AMBig Jimbo has made 3 of the 5 highest grossing films of all time.

UPDATED: Big Jimbo has made 3 of the 4 highest grossing films of all time.


My Man!

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Ooh, Earth. Colour me intrigued.


Quote from: Immortan Jonesy on Feb 04, 2023, 11:56:25 AMhttps://twitter.com/Variety/status/1621278706927894533

Even though I didn't particularly enjoy Avatar 2, I'm looking forward to the sequels. I can imagine the fifth one on Earth is going to involve some kind of human-na'vi alliance.


Avatar 5: Welcome to Earf

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