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Recreational Area / Re: What are you listening to ...
Last post by Ingwar - Today at 12:01:25 PM
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: All Star Wars
Last post by Local Trouble - Today at 11:55:10 AM
I'll say this much: the scenes depicting Imperial officers on what I assume is Coruscant have my attention.  This is probably the most interesting era on the Star Wars timeline, IMO.
General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
Last post by xeno_alpha_07 - Today at 11:33:12 AM
Sniper Elite 5

Enjoying this game so far. 
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: Jurassic Park Series
Last post by Alien³ - Today at 11:32:50 AM
Quote from: Immortan Jonesy on May 18, 2022, 10:40:57 PM

This is what we're working on

Added a bunch of new sightings last night. Hope everyone is having fun hunting!
Recreational Area / Re: The Alien Dialogue Thread ...
Last post by xeno_alpha_07 - Today at 11:31:42 AM
"Let's get out of here"
General Discussion / Re: In The News
Last post by Ingwar - Today at 10:53:01 AM
It's sickening.
Recreational Area / Re: Things you just hate in th...
Last post by Kradan - Today at 10:41:08 AM
Wow, I would like to know who these people are now
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: All Star Wars
Last post by Immortan Jonesy - Today at 10:16:06 AM
Quote from: St_Eddie on Today at 02:19:46 AM.. from all of cinema.

Fair criticism until that last part 🤣

I know what you're going through in your country (not to mention how f**ked up the world is), but oh boy, if you only knew how misanthropic can I be in real life, and even here at AVPGalaxy. I hate a lot of people you like, with a pasión 🌹and I only restrict myself to avoid being banned. 🤣

I'm staying because thanks to the great work of Hicks and his staff, this is one of the safest nerdy communities. 🤓
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