Dark Horse Comics Announces Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat!

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 13, 2019, 02:32:05 PM

Dark Horse Comics Announces Aliens: Colonial Marines: Rising Threat! (Read 46,637 times)


I just hope Rescue has an ending.  I'll be frustrated if it has a similar ending to Resistance with the intent of resolving in Rising Threat and we end up with a dead end.

(Nothing against Dark Horse's decision.)


Rescue isn't directly linked to Rising Threat.


Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Xiggz456 on Aug 31, 2019, 12:09:24 AM
Well that kinda sucks and he's a POS but I was already less than enthused that he was writing Rising Threat to begin with. Dark Horse should hire Mira Grant to take his place. She already writes Spider-Gwen and she essentially created Olivia so it seems like perfect fit for her.

That is actually a perfect suggestion! It sure sounded like Seanan was disappointed she didn't get to do anything with Olivia's future, so I bet she'd be up for that! I love her Spider-Gwen - or Ghost-Spider as the title is now called - so I'd be all over that!

Really disappointed to hear about Brian Wood's behaviour.



So, firing a person = the canceled comic? ???

When a bird pooping on my car - I buy a new car. :)

So much work and inspiration and all for nothing. Because of another person. Why not delay the comic or declare (search) new writers?


All of the art was made for Brian's story, so I imagine rewriting would require mostly new art - if not all new art.

I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if they go through the effort to rework this project.  I imagine they can pepper the important information from this story somewhere into the game anyway.


So much work and inspiration and all for nothing. Because of another person.

Because of a shithead who sexually harasses women.





Damn and I ordered the TPB. Think it will come? Lol

Nightmare Asylum


Wonder what cleared his schedule?

Here's hoping Jones gets paired with a writer that isnt a piece of shit moving forward. Maybe a more talented one, too (I haven't really been a fan of the stories Wood was writing).


The AvPG headline makes it read like the author is the one being sexually harassed.  ???

Should be be "against", not toward.



Been reading up on the accusations and there is certainly a pattern to his terrible behavior. Its too bad this didnt recieve attention a long time ago.


Can someone explain me what happend with such things like "law"? "presumption of innocence"? "Trail"?
If some anonymous claims Mira Grant harassed young girls, what will you do? Satisfied with her boycott? Or will you demand evidence and a legal trial?

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