Hunting Grounds Patch Release Thread

Started by Wurd77, Apr 21, 2020, 04:11:11 PM

Hunting Grounds Patch Release Thread (Read 27,008 times)


Quote from: Jakson Trix on Apr 28, 2020, 06:17:29 PM
From what I read online the population in game has fallen so much the devs might offer refunds and stop supporting the game. :-[

Alright, I had to make a guest appearance due to this nonsense.  Where are you reading this bs because I've been playing the game since day one and have yet to EVER have an issue with finding a game.  A minute or less is what it takes for a game to start one after the other after the other so if you're reading this, post it, don't say it.

Corporal Hicks



I always get a quick and fun match And I am enjoying the game more and more.
I think what impresses me the most is how nice the tree tops look from the ground up.


They are working on a new patch:

QuoteThank you to the community for giving great feedback. We hear you and we are working on fixes. In fact, we're wrapping up another patch we're hoping to drop soon that will continue to address some of the balance issues you have shared. Keep an eye out! #PredatorHuntingGrounds

Voodoo Magic


Pvt Slumper

Pvt Slumper

I am finding it impossible to get into a game. It seems like the game is dead to me. I might try and get a refund from EPIC today

Voodoo Magic

Quote from: Pvt Slumper on Apr 29, 2020, 01:18:21 PM
I am finding it impossible to get into a game. It seems like the game is dead to me. I might try and get a refund from EPIC today

Weird. I'm on PS4, but with crossplay on it's been a 30 second max wait time for Fireteam for me since Sunday.



I found this game frustrating in every way. Epic approved my refund. Thank god I got my money back for this garbage ;D

Voodoo Magic



Some stuff in patches almost seem like the bug occured during their regression testing processes and never really were exposed in other releases. Some bullet points are completely unknown to most and I wonder about why it was included in the new patch as nobody really expressed any bug related to it. Fortunately they are catching stuff that likely were a result of new fixes.

Did anyone notice particular bugs happening the night before? I sure did. I think a few things are loaded from a database in every battle and the buggyness happens. Then in the patch its rectified.
I noticed my game not attributing any buggyness this morning after the patch. 

conclusion: bugs can happen due to a server upgrade/enhancement/change well before a new iteration of the game is downloaded and installed. As with most online games, stats/loadouts/attributes are loaded from your profile or from a master profile.


Some good and seemingly bad changes in there.

Nerfing the fire team's ability to bunny hop constantly is definitely a great change, as is reducing that insane knife damage they could do to the Predator, along with reducing overall ammo and health stations around the map and knocking the number of ones you could bring into a match by 1.

Increasing the amount of time it takes for reinforcements to come in is good too, but by how much? Having some actual numbers there would be helpful, like other games' patch notes often have.

Likewise increasing the amount of damage that Scouts and Hunters can take should help make those classes (especially Scout) more viable. Having boars light up on target scan is also great, since I think I've found maybe 2 in the full game up until now. And a "blinding flash" for second wind is an odd but hopefully effective way of making that a little less of a death sentence, especially as Berserker.

But then they went and made some weird, unnecessary changes like nerfing fully-charged plasma caster damage. Given how long you had to hold it, and how difficult it can be to get a hit on, I feel like a one hit down with a good trade-off for giving your position away and using so much energy. Given that they buffed Scout to make him a bit better with this patch it seems strange to then to and nerf one of his best tools, and one of the best tools the Predator has in general for being able to down people with any consistency.

And of course nerfing the combistick, but not buffing any of the other melee/close-range weapons. The reason so many people use it (other than it just being a cool Predator weapon) is because it was the only melee weapon that was actually good. I'd legit forgotten the plasma pistol was even in the game until just now. Depending on how bad they've made it now, I feel like melee could be even worse now than it was before. They need to make the bad weapons good, not the one good weapon bad.

Also reducing the number of AI enemies as well as the timer on certain missions means the fire team should be able to finish them even quicker than they already could, which was another big problem that was often the reason so many people felt the need to just rush in and try to kill everyone as quickly as possible. I don't see why they figured that was a good idea. If anything it should have been the opposite.

Looking around though it also seems like this patch still doesn't fix the "new item notifications" bug on the menu even though it says it does, so my ocd is going to continue to make me suffer until they finally get that right. :P

With any luck the fire team nerfs (mainly to stamina) should hopefully be enough to make things at least a little more balanced than they were but some of these changes don't make much sense to me.


 Been playing a lot the last few days, and the new patch definitely makes it harder.
The last few days, had been winning almost every round with fireteam.  Now losing almost every round.


I'd like to play with people of this group!

Voodoo Magic



I just shot a predator about a hundred times point blank with a large weapon and still got my head removed.
Also DLC content that was more of a predators theme on another planet like the movie would be fun with other bug aliens as AI and also I would be ok with humans being able to use stargazer weapon tech.
King willies cane swords as a melee weapon.
Just predator this game up as much as possible please.

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