Predator Reproduction Method Official

Started by The Chibi Kiriyama, Nov 16, 2007, 06:48:51 PM

Predator Reproduction Method Official (Read 30,512 times)

Corporal Hicks

Not canon anyway.


Yes, you'll find most of that information came from novels and the like, which were often done with little regard for continuity with the films. :)



I just found it. If it don't work use google. The info is every where. I did not set up a link anyway. I just told you it. Only a newby you see, still getting used to this site.


normal aliens dont reproduce like humans

predaliens dont reproduce like preds

end of story

explain whatever way u want, for me its a young queen ability to get protection to start egg laying, why does it stop doing it? burster coem from isnide predalien, when its out of bursters theres no more, speculate about everything that suffers culateral damage, im sure u guys will find a way

or maybe egg laying is only once theres no more hosts, to assure species continuity, but it dont make sense with aliens at all.....

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