Underground Agenda

Started by Abishai100, Nov 03, 2023, 02:14:51 AM

Underground Agenda (Read 738 times)



 A cool Martian discovery requiring high-priority destruction for human-destiny finds the descendant of Ellen Ripley confronting the 'darkness' of Xenomorph-agenda materialism.



Officer Ripley, descendant of Ellen Ripley, wasn't sure why she'd been sent on the new Sulaco/Weyland mission to the Mars underground but did know of the discovery of a recent labyrinth deep in the Red-Planet where Xeno-dragons were lurking and multiplying, perhaps for a grand Invasion agenda for Earth's doom, and she'd been part of a new 'elite' team of warriors sent to simply destroy the lair with a new set of 'advanced' Weyland laser-explosive hand-cannons called Gliders. Alongside Ripley came the other valiant members of the Earthling-crew, including Tannon, Sharp, Reads, O'Hara, and Patel. This was going to be good for Earth-PR, according to the Company (Weyland).

Well, things turned out pretty sour, when Ripley and the crew found the labyrinth underground on Mars really was some 'cultivation' ground for a grand colonization-invasion-devastation 'force' of Xeno-dragons, with grand 'blueprints' for the entire Crusade of Hell drawn out on parchment-paper, perhaps by one of the Weyland droid 'slaves' of the Xeno-aliens 'absorbed' into this Martian legion for servitude and blueprint presentation(s). Wow, was this what Ellen Ripley would've envisioned as a next-chapter edition of the saga of engagements between humans and aliens? Ripley wondered if this Weyland Mars-underground destruction mission was simply ill-fated but knew it was simply required...for Earth's sake.

WEYLAND: You say your force destroyed roughly 80% of that lair?
RIPLEY: We saw the blueprints for Invasion and knew our goal(s).
WEYLAND: Well, sounds as if you're 'shocked' by the revelation.
RIPLEY: If there's a Devil, the Xeno-aliens agenda is Armageddon.
WEYLAND: Sounding Biblical...perhaps like Ellen, Ripley!
RIPLEY: We might need prayer(s) for this new 'phase' of alien-IQ.
WEYLAND: Excellence; if we're to endure, we need focus for chess!
RIPLEY: If we fail this round, there's no stalemate-recovery.
WEYLAND: Exploration is the key to continuity...and the sciences.
RIPLEY: Right-o...for the sake of 'religious' endurance, right?
WEYLAND: What else...God bless.
RIPLEY: Thanx...again.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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