The Bad Bloods: Volume 1

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The Bad Bloods: Volume 1 (Read 548 times)




Jehdin-Pyode's blood is said to be tainted and unfit for reproduction. Shunned by his family and clan, he flees, angering his kin who hunts him. Condolence is sought in someone whom he never thought to meet - a Bad Blood. Shown another side of life, one that leads to a Bad Blood's life. A pact is formed. They now must survive the rage from Jehdin-Pyode's clan to escape alive.

Mature rating for violence and hints of sexual conduct.

Snippet from Chapter One:

"Jehdin-Pyode wasted no time when he yanked his arm out from under the warrior. Reached for the warrior's neck and then shoved with such force that the male was sent sliding backward across his back until he hit the nearby wall.

The remaining warriors began leaping on top of him, trying to keep him still, but Jehdin-Pyode kicked his feet and freed one of them. That foot was used as a club, packing one warrior on the side of the head, knocking him backward and dazed.

The Shaman stepped back to allow the warriors to subdue him.

Jehdin-Pyode roared in fury and hooked the same foot under the jaw of another warrior, driving talons in sending that one reeling around before falling and howling in pain. Another had latched onto Jehdin-Pyode's shoulder when he sat up but flung the little male up and over to his front, wrapped both arms around the head, and twisted until there was a loud pop, followed by a wet crunch from the male's neck before he went limp.

The neck - broken.

Joined in a swivel from catching the last warrior by the throat that had leaped for him. Jehdin-Pyode was infuriated beyond balance. He released a rage-filled battle cry, placed a massive, clawed hand over the male's face, and yanked the jugular free of its fleshy prison. Florescent green blood washed Jehdin-Pyode as the body fell. The missing organ was carelessly tossed to the side.

Furious howls and angry roars erupted and panned out to see the entire clan advancing on him.

Not thinking, Jehdin-Pyode made a quick dash to escape."

Full chapter is an .rtf file. Let me know if you have problems downloading it. Critiques are most welcomed.
FYI, the Shaman isn't Shaman Predator. Just to clarify.

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