ACCORDING TO PLAN - Alien vs Predator Fan Film (2022)

Started by Darkness, May 02, 2022, 12:54:46 PM

ACCORDING TO PLAN - Alien vs Predator Fan Film (2022) (Read 602 times)


Somebody sent us this link to a new fan film:

QuoteWhen a rogue android hijacks Dr. Church's experiments causing their research vessel to dump its cargo of violent prisoners, hostile aliens, and a captured predator on a desolate planet, the remaining crew must destroy the evidence and recapture the predator before the company finds out...

Advisory: Action/Suspense/Horror and creature violence.

Just in time for Alien Day - our much delayed, Alien versus Predator Fan Film: According To Plan is complete at last. This movie represents the type of Alien vs Predator movie we always wanted to see: Set in the Alien universe. We take our inspiration from the main Alien & Predator films, video games, and most directly from the Dark Horse Comics (AVP: Duel and Aliens: Labyrinth specifically).

The effects are a combination of practical, full size creatures, stunts, miniatures, and CGI courtesy of Multimedios3D.

CGI by Multimedios3D:

According To Plan is a long time coming, and was quite an adventure to shoot on a zero budget. Originally planned as a silent Alien short, the script morphed into bigger story set in the alien universe. We were unaware of the Alien 40th anniversary shorts contest until one day after the deadline, so were unable to submit the script for competition. Following that, we decided to just go ahead and make it anyway, include more characters, a Predator, and to widen the scope of the production following the success of our highly ambitious Terminator fan film, Crystal Peak...

Hopefully some day we'll get a large scale official Alien vs Predator movie that is more in line with the Dark Horse Comics stories where they originated, but until then; ACCORDING TO PLAN is here.

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