Alien-Red: City of Lost Children

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 A fanfiction loosely-inspired by Jeunet's haunting The City of Lost Children, who, incidentally, also directed the dystopian Alien: Resurrection.


The Sulaco was launched as the newest Weyland Corporation space-ship, taking off for the new planet in the outer-rim of the Rai Galaxy called Destiny. The crew of the Sulaco included Captain Orem and second-in-command Daniels. Orem and Daniels, man and woman, were rumored to be dating, but nothing was confirmed, and the two allowed the on-journey rumors to continue and entertained the social customs that entail such hospitality socially, but secretly they did seem to like each other a good deal. They're however honestly and simply excellent flight-leaders and Orem always trusted Daniels for any and all ideas regarding objective critiques with decision-making during Weyland missions. This was their third mission together and the 20th mission overall for the Weyland Corporation. The prior missions for Weyland had established by now humanity's long engagement with the terrifying and intelligent alien species known as the 'Xenomorph' which was an insect-dragon like large-than-man sized (like a 7-foot basketball player) creature with razor-claws and a silver-metal jaw and acidic saliva and corrosive acidic blood.

OREM: You know why the Xenomorph has acidic blood, right?
DANIELS: It's like the opposite of courtship; if you shoot it, the acid-blood spurts out!
OREM: Right, it's a call-sign or physiological adaptation message, "Don't dare puncture us."

Orem and Daniels knew the 'dark magic' of the Xenomorph alien was its ability to scurry along various terrains and create menacing postures and teamwork alignments for raw hunting and trapping of foolish or even daring members of other intelligent species making the mistake of concluding it was a thing of friendship or governance-negotiation. The Xenomorph had brutally slaughtered over 20 human space-crew members of various/past Weyland missions, including the Nostradmus mission which was the 3rd mission, one of the early ones, during which every single crew-member was killed and perhaps later eaten! However, Orem/Daniels remained confident this mission would serve some valuable discovery-merit as they flew the Weyland spaceship Sulaco towards the planet Destiny.

OREM: I've a hunch we'll encounter a 'different' Xenomorph on Destiny.
DANIELS: Sounds like a thrill, darling!

The Sulaco crew consisted of 10 members in all. There was Orem/Daniels and therefore 8 others on the Sulaco headed to Destiny. There were three armed and trained excellent soldier-killers named Hicks, Roman, and Theresa. There were two scientists, of course, --- Martins and Patel. Finally, there were three randomly selected space-flight crew-trained support members, generally people who'd serve as either soldiers or event reporters/recorders --- Williams and Beck and Holden. The 10-manned Sulaco crew were 6 men (Hicks, Patel, Beck, Orem, Williams, Holden) and 4 women (Daniels, Roman, Theresa, Martins). Beck and Theresa happened to be dating and liberally used the Sulaco flight-journey to engage in pleasurable amounts of intercourse-experience. Perhaps they'd get married after the mission was completed. When the Sulaco landed on planet Destiny, Captain Orem ordered Dr. Martins (scientist) to stay on-board and guard/watch the spaceship while the others were ordered to trek on land in space-helmets and practice shooting their Weyland laser-guns in the event they'd encounter a Xenomorph for battle.

OREM: Weyland maintains we either kill, evade, or negotiate with any Xenomorph contacted/seen.
DANIELS: It's the only and frequently-contacted alien intelligence during the past missions, right?
OREM: I'm sure Peter Weyland himself is certain there's a Xenomorph of some kind on Destiny.

The land-trek crew discovered a deep dark cave on the planet Destiny and decided to switch on their UV-lights in the exploration of the cave, as Daniels radioed Dr. Martins who's still on the Sulaco guarding/watching the parked/landed spaceship on the land. Daniels told Martins to just sit quiet and wait until the cave-explorers reported on anything observed for Martins to communicate back to Weyland on Earth. Daniels and Orem and the other 7 cave-exploring crew-members of the Sulaco walked inside the cave with their UV-lights attached to their hand-held laser-guns turned on and wandered around what was discovered to be a multi-leveled 'labyrinth-like' interior contours of the Destiny-planet cave. Finally, they found an inner-hallway which led to a chamber-room of sorts where there seemed to be small-sized or child-aged red-colored Xenomorph aliens who're completely benign and friendly in nature!

OREM: Are you Xeno-kids stranded here or something?
DANIELS: Where's your 'less friendly' parents?
OREM: Why're you here by yourself?

The red-colored Xenomorph aliens communicated with the humans (Orem/Daniels/etc.) with sign-language and explained they're not 'standard' Xenomorph aliens but rather Red Xenomorphs and children of the Red Xenomorph 'clan' placed on planet Destiny as a bait for humans to come exploring inside the cave. The Red Xenomorph possessed acidic blood which when spewed upon a surface/texture outside itself would create a reactive explosion! This afforded the Red Xenomorph a certain lethally volatile demeanor and hence consciousness. The Red Xenomorph 'children' aliens explained to the human explorers (Orem/Daniels/etc.) they'd been left inside that Destiny planet cave labyrinth for humans to come find them so they'd be able to warn them that this entire contact was a bait-experience and that they'd now have to wait for the 'adult' Red Xenomorphs to arrive to engage the daring (or foolish!) humans in a cave-running death-trap evasion hunting-and-firing game.

OREM: Jesus Christ, you kids were presented as bait?
DANIELS: Well, Hicks is staying behind with you in this cave-room to protect you.
OREM: Right; and the remainder of us will scatter and align with guns to prepare for your parents.
DANIELS: Hopefully, we'll return to you Xeno-kids and Hicks to confer on a return-flight to Earth safely!

That's just what happened, well mostly. Soldier Hicks stayed behind with the communicative "Red Xeno" kids and protected them while the others (Orem/Daniels/etc.) spread out across the cave levels with gunfire waiting for the Red Xenomorphs to arrive. The red aliens arrived indeed. They arrived and began chasing and spitting their corrosive acidic-blood onto the running-and-firing human cave explorers on that dark planet Destiny. It was anything but a welcomed adventure, but in theory, all the humans of Weyland were adequately trained (if not prepared spiritually!) for this sort of experience on Destiny. They ran and shot laser-fire and ran more and 2 members were finally caught and burned and blown up by the Red Xenomorphs' claws and volatile acid-saliva. The others managed to survive and killed at least 5 Red Xenomorphs (there were about 12 in all hunting the humans in that dreadful and eerily blood-pungent cave on that planet Destiny!) with laser-shots to the red aliens' eyes and skulls.

OREM: We're returning on Sulaco to Earth with you Red Xeno-kids with us.
DANIELS: We'll keep you with us on Earth and raise you as friends of humanity, alright?

Sulaco escaped Destiny with the surviving 8 of the 10 crew-members and returned to Earth and reported their findings of this new 'red alien' called the Red Xenomorph and described its volatile lethal consciousness! The Red Xeno-kids were kept safe and healthy and sanitary in their own private oxygen-camp dome structure where they're fed and cared for regularly, and Daniels herself visited them regularly off-duty. It was concluded that the Red Xeno-kids should be raised as friends of humanity and develop psychological/educational 'alternatives' to the violent hunt/war use of their internally-developing acidic/explosive saliva. Weyland's hope was that they'd be raised as pure diplomats of the overall 'vision' of human-alien communications. Orem, however, ominously told Daniels, "I wonder if these Red Xeno kids were intended to be 'rescued' and returned to Earth alongside humans and hoped to be raised as friends and peaceful diplomats who'd ultimately grow up to be....just like mom and dad."


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