Marvel’s Aliens the Original Years Omnibus Vol 3

Started by Russ840, Jun 17, 2021, 05:52:37 PM

Marvel’s Aliens the Original Years Omnibus Vol 3 (Read 10,721 times)


Quote from: HuDaFuK on Jan 02, 2023, 10:05:26 AMSo there's a non-zero chance I got really drunk on new year's eve and ordered Aliens 3 and 4 and the first Predator collection :laugh: Oops.

I can just imagine you angrily smashing that keyboard, yelling "That's right, I wanna make that bloody order !!!"


I was weighing the difference between spending the money and having to cut back on other things vs. possibly missing out on them when I've already got the first two Aliens books. (Add to which I've been privately telling myself for years that I'd only start collecting the comics if someone did convenient, properly comprehensive collections of everything, and these are those.) In the end I decided I'd be pissed off if I didn't have them.

Probably didn't need to order all three in one go, but that's alcohol for you. Don't drink and online shop, kids!

T Dog

T Dog

Does anybody have any insight on if Marvel will be keeping these collections in print or what the plan is? It seems like Volume 2 might be OOP and they have a paperback collection due out at the end of the month that just collects the the first few Dark Horse stories with Hicks and Newt.

@Corporal Hicks  any ideas? Sorry to tag if not cool.

Corporal Hicks

I'm afraid I don't know. Seems to be going oop pretty quickly.

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